What are Bots in PUBG Mobile? How to Identify and Get it Easily

Are you a beginner in PUBG Mobile who has just started playing the game? Don’t know about what are bots in PUBG mobile and other information regarding bots. Well, don’t worry we have got it covered in this article.

But before you start reading further, just a single question – Have you ever noticed a player spawning from nowhere and firing bullets in a pattern? Those players are nothing but bots in PUBG mobile. Let’s see basically what bots are in pubg mobile.

What are Bots in PUBG Mobile
What are Bots in PUBG Mobile

What are Bots in PUBG Mobile?

Bots are computerized players programmed with the abilities of firing, moving, running, etc by using Artificial Intelligence algorithms in PUBG mobile or any other games. Bots are generally used in PUBG mobile to ease and enhance the gaming experience for beginner players or to fill the remaining player’s slot in matches during the match-making process. 

Bots cannot kill human players but in some cases, bots might kill other players in some scenarios like if the other players are offline or having less health already. They are programmed to fire at you only when the distance is less than 100 meters.

With each update, developers are enhancing the abilities of the bots and making it hard for players to kill bots in the game.

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How to Identify Bots in PUBG Mobile?

Ever noticed how fast your friends spot and identify bots in PUBG mobile? Certain tricks might help you to identify bots easily and fastly in the game.

How to Spot and Identify Bots in PUBG Mobile Fastly
How to Spot and Identify Bots in PUBG Mobile Fastly

Here are some steps to spot and identify bots in PUBG mobile:-

1) Bots mostly fire in a regular pattern like 1 bullet for the first time then 3 continuous bullets for the second time. So, if you find such players in the game then definitely those players are bots but be aware that some players also use this tactic step to act like a bot and attract other players to them.

2) Bots never use Shotguns, or any special drop guns like Groza, AWM, etc. So, if some player is using these guns, then they are 100% not bots and are acting just like the bot to gain the attention of other players.

3) Bots always carry 1 gun only and will fire at you while standing only when you are in their range. So, if you find a player character using only 1 gun and firing in a pattern while standing, then mostly those players are bots and you can easily kill them and loot them.

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Where to Find Bots in PUBG Mobile?

Most of the players are always on the hunt to find more bots in PUBG mobile which can help to increase their KD ratio in the game. However, there is no such confirmed answer to it but there are certain tricks that can help you to find more bots.

The best trick to attract more bots is by landing at hot-drop locations and firing in a bot pattern. Since most of the players will land near the hot drop locations like Pochinki, Bootcamp, etc, there are lots of chances of getting more bots players in such areas.

My preference to gain more bots is by landing near the 5 house compound at the border in the Pochinki area. It is considered the best area to find more bots in PUBG mobile.

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Some Amazing Facts about Bots in PUBG Mobile

Here are some interesting and amazing facts about Bots in PUBG mobile which you must know:- 

1) Bots only get spawn near houses or areas where real players are hiding. So if you noticed a bot near an area then most players are hiding or camping in that area. You can use a bot to attract other enemies and once you spot the real enemies, just kill and loot them.

2) Bots never take cover while shooting at you or any other players. They never jump, prone, or crouch while firing and hardly moves for seconds.

Meaning of Bots in PUBG Mobile
Bots Never Take Cover While Firing

3) Bots never loot other players’ dead crates instead they try to kill only real players and but won’t loot the items of the players.

4) Bots can fire and kill other bots that spawn in the area and comes from nowhere in the game.

5) When new items and clothes are added to the game, bots are generally equipped with new special clothes that a real player can use after killing the bots.

6) Bots can easily sense your movements and location. If you are planning for a surprise attack, they will easily know the direction from where you are shooting at them.

PUBG Mobile Bots – Related FAQ:

Here are our short answers to some questions which are frequently asked by the users regarding the PUBG Mobile Bots topic. I hope it will clear all your doubts and queries.

How Many Bots are There in PUBG Mobile?

It depends on the leader player tier rating and the match-making time. Like if you are in the Ace tier, then you will encounter fewer bots in the lobby whereas, a player in the Bronze or Silver-tier, will encounter more bots as the tier rating is low.

The match-making time also matters because if there are not enough players to match at the same time, then the servers add bots as the remaining players. For example, if there are 80 players currently match-making at the same time then the additional 20 remaining players are bots added in the lobby by the server itself.

What is The Bots Ratio in PUBG Mobile?

The overall bots ratio in PUBG Mobile lies between 0 to 1 KD. However, in some cases, you might see a bot ratio in 1 to 2 KD but never higher than 3.

What Is The Difference Between Bots and Noob in PUBG Mobile?

Bots and Noobs are two separate things in PUBG mobile. Generally, bots are the character created by the developers themselves to increase the gaming experience in PUBG mobile whereas Noob simple means that the player has just started to play the game and is a beginner who doesn’t know about the game basics like how to control recoil, gun stats, etc.

How to Play with Bots in PUBG Mobile?

If you want to play with bots in PUBG mobile then you must try playing those game modes that other player hardly plays. Also, you should play it during late-night time thus reducing the chance of players getting matched with you. This would also help you to get lots of bots in the match.

How to Add Bots in PUBG Mobile Rooms?

Currently, there is no such feature to add bots in the customs rooms of PUBG mobile. You cannot add bots to fill all the remaining player’s slots in custom rooms. Hopefully, the feature might get added in future updates.

Which Map Has The Most Bots in PUBG Mobile?

Livik map has the most bots spawning ratio currently as compared to other maps like Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, etc. According to many PUBG mobile professionals, the Livik map is considered to have the highest bots spawn ratio and is the best map if you want to increase your KD in PUBG mobile.

Which Server Has The Most Bots in PUBG Mobile?

It depends on how many players are playing the game on the server. If there are fewer players for match-making in the server, then that server will contain more bots players as compared to other servers. KRJP and South America servers are considered as the server with most bots in PUBG mobile whereas Asia server is considered as the hardest server in the game.

Which are The Best Places to Find Bots in PUBG Mobile?

Usually a hot drop places like Pochinki, Bootcamp, Military Base, etc areas are considered as best places to find bots in PUBG Mobile. Since most of the players land on hot drop areas, this creates more chances of bots getting spawn near the hot drop areas. If you land on areas located at the border of the map, then you will hardly find 1-2 bots whereas, in hot drop areas, you can find more than 4-5 bots easily.

What is Bot Meaning in PUBG Mobile?

Bots are specialized characters developed by PUBG programmers with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to enhance the gaming experience for beginner players as they are very easy to kill. A server automatically assigns remaining players slots as bots to fulfill all the player’s records (i.e 100 players)

What Time is Best to Get Bots in PUBG?

Certainly, a time when fewer players might match at the same time is the best time to get bots in PUBG mobile. Like a time usually between 2 AM to 9 AM might be the best time for getting bots in PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile lite too.

Can a Bot Kill You in PUBG Mobile?

Bots are now been upgraded a lot by developers and now they can even kill you if you don’t kill them. In previous times, bots were assigned with only SMG’s and Pistols but now they are also assigned with ARs, Sniper Rifles, etc. Therefore, now the chance of getting you killed by bots is more as compared to the previous time.

Is PUBG Mobile Lobby Full of Bots?

No, Servers are not completely loaded with bots. Depending on the players available for match-making, the server decides the number of bots to be loaded in the game. Suppose if 89 players are available for match-making then the server will load 11 bots in the game to complete all the 100 players’ lobby.

Final Words

Bots are nothing but a computerized player character developed itself by the game developers to check different functionalities in the game. Bots are added to the game server to ease and make a better gaming experience for Beginner players who have just started playing PUBG mobile.

I hope now you have understood everything related to bots in PUBG mobile. If you have any additional queries or doubts, you can comment below. We will help you out with it. Liked our article? You can read many more amazing PUBG Mobile articles from our site ShoutMeBack.

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