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Looking for Apex Legends Launch Options/Commands? This article will be a complete tour of Apex Legends game launch commands/options when opened through Steam Launcher and contains a list of some of the useful launch options.

As of today, the gaming industry has been experiencing a sea change positively. The upsurge in the demands of games is elevating in every possible way, and Steam has made the availability of games, like Apex Legends, easier than ever before. Besides, the Apex Legends lovers like to explore the launch options/commands in the steam launcher.

Best Useful Apex Legends Launch Options Commands
Best Useful Apex Legends Launch Options Commands

What are Apex Legends Launch Options Commands?

Many games launched through launchers on the PC allow customizations before launch. The Apex Legends launch commands are the options that facilitate the changes in the game settings you want the game to launch. 

The steam launcher provides high flexibility mainly to this game, making it a versatile choice to play. Some specific options are not available through the in-game settings, which you can customize using the Steam Client before the game launch.

Let’s shed light on the launching process and utilization of Launch Options.

How to Use Apex Legends Launch Options – for Steam Users

To achieve the customizations that you have long yearned for, we have discussed the detailed process of how to use the Steam client to introduce the Launch Options/Commands. Below we have enlisted the steps you can follow.

Step 1) Close the game, even if it’s open on Steam, and Launch the Steam client on your PC or Laptop.

Step 2) Now, look for the Apex Legends game and right-click on it. Go to the game properties of Apex Legends from there.

Right Click on Apex Legends in Steam
Right Click on Apex Legends on Steam

Step 3) In the section named General, you will find the Launch Options. In the box available below the Launch options, you can enter the various commands to make changes as per the requirements.

Click on Set Launch Options in General Tab Apex Legends
Click on Set Launch Options in General Tab Apex Legends

13+ Best Apex Legends Launch Options and Commands – Complete List

Here’s a rundown of 14 Apex Legends Launch Options and Commands that are pretty useful for everyone to use while playing the game: –

  1. -fullscreen/-full
  2. -window/-windowed
  3. +fps max (FPS Value)
  4. -high
  5. -dev
  6. -no sound
  7. -forcenovsync
  8. +cl_showfps4
  9. +cl_showpos1
  10. -w 1280
  11. -h 720
  12. -cl_forcepreload (1/0)
  13. +twitch_prime_linked 1
  14. -dxlevel

These are some of the most useful Apex launch options commands that can help you to increase your gaming experience. Let’s see the functionality of each Apex Legends launch command.

1) -fullscreen/-full

These launch options overhaul the display settings of the game. And will force the game to launch in Fullscreen mode. It is mainly employed to enjoy a fulsome experience and eliminate the need to change the in-game settings. These two commands can be used interchangeably to get the same Fullscreen results.

2) -window/-windowed

Both the mentioned commands of Apex Legends make sure to launch your game in Window mode. It means that it will readily override the in-game settings set to Fullscreen. If your game is crashing at the launch, you can troubleshoot while employing this option.

3) +fps max (FPS Value)

The Apex Legends is usually run in the FPS settings following PC and game limits. This command limits the value of permissible frames if you need to limit them in sync with your PC configurations.

Otherwise, entering the FPS value to 1 in the bracket will allow you to use the default FPS set in the game, or the value 0 will provide you with unlimited FPS in the game.

We would recommend the default value to limited graphics set in the game for providing a balanced performance. The other unlimited FPS option may engender the instability of the game.

4) -high

This option comes in handy when you want to launch the game on a high-priority basis. Your game will deliver high performance with this command. However, be careful as it might cause some instability or even crashes in the game.

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5) -dev

This command assists the launch of the game by skipping the intro video. Avoid using this command unless you come across some persistent crashes while launching the game. It might cause some unnecessary stuttering.

6) -no sound

As the name suggests, this command will entirely disable the Game sound. If you somehow need the silent gameplay from the start, this command will be a good choice.

7) -forcenovsync

The mentioned command forces the game to completely obstruct the game’s V-Sync. It is employed in the advanced launch options for the screen tearing while the game is running. Be wary with this command also, as it can cause some unwanted issues combined with a decline in performance.

8) +cl_showfps4

Enter Apex Launch Options Commands in Steam
Enter Apex Launch Options Commands in Steam

On Feeding the command under the Launch options, you can access continuous information about the FPS while playing the game.

9) +cl_showpos1

This unique option provides you with in-game information, including Position, Name, Velocity, and Angle.

10) -w 1280

This launch option for the Apex legends is utilized to open the game in the specified Resolution. It is basically for the height part of the screen. The number “1280” is the width of resolution that you can change as per the individual requirement.

11) -h 720

It determines the height of Resolution you need while enjoying the game. The above launch option of width should be combined with this to get the optimum results.

12) -cl_forcepreload (1/0)

This apex legends command option provides considerable visible changes in the game. With the value set to 1 [-cl_forcepreload 1], then various game elements, including assets, sound, and the texture will load.

It comes in handy for better performance and appearance of the game graphics. However, the value is set to 0 and experiences quick loading with some gaming lags and stutters.

13) +twitch_prime_linked 1

This ruse can help you access the benefits available for the twitch prime members in the game. The command tricks the game into thinking that you have a prime account on twitch.

14) -dxlevel

This Launching option gives you the freedom to force the DirectX API version you need. Just enter the command with the preferred version of Direct X and enjoy it.

Here is a short video showing how to use Apex Legends launch options and comprises additional useful Apex launch commands.

Best Apex Legends Launch Options for Steam

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Some Apex Legends Launch Options/Commands – No Longer Supported

The below are not working as of this date, so please make sure you won’t get carried away using them.

1) -novid

This command could skip the videos of the games. It is no longer supported.

2) -threads

The -threads command can allocate the number of CPU threads to be utilized in the game.

3) -refresh/-freq

The refresh rate or frequency was controlled using this command. However, you do the same customization using the in-game settings.

4) -console

It can disable the developer console in the Apex Legends game for its Public build.

Apex Legends Launch Options – Related FAQ:

Here are some frequently asked questions that come under users’ minds when looking for Apex Legends Launch Options and Commands List queries.

What are Some Apex Legends Launch Options for FPS Boost?

For the FPS (Frames per Second) you can use the launch commands, including +fps max, +fps 1, and +fps 0. The max will lead to the maximum fps that can be rendered. The value 1 renders the default frames per second that are set in the game, and the value 0 will be for unlimited fps a system can bear. Remember this can cause problems like lags, stutters, and screen tearing.

Why are My Apex Legends Launch Options Not Working?

Some Launch commands no longer working are either inculcated in-game settings or serve no purpose with new game updates. This persisting problem of launching options not working is because of unexplained crashes, compatibility with your system, or performance limits. You can try to use different combinations of the set parameters.

What are Some Apex Legends Advanced Launch Options?

Some of the advanced launch options for Apex Legends through Steam client are +nosound, +cl_showfps4, -high, +cl_forcepreload 1/0, etc.

How to Show FPS in Apex Legends using Launch Options?

“+cl_showfps4” is the Launch option for showing the FPS during the game. Just enter the launch command and then you will be able to monitor the FPS while playing Apex Legends.

Final Words

Till now, you probably have got the idea of complete aspects regarding the advanced Launching commands of Apex Legends game through Steam Client. We would recommend the minimal use of these commands for the optimal experience while playing.

You would have learned something today and got what you needed. You can utilize that comment box below to ask for any further queries or assistance. If you find some other Apex Legend launch options useful, then just comment below. We will add it up ASAP!!!

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