PUBG Mobile KD System – The Most Comprehensive Guide

PUBG mobile is one of the biggest esports game and since the popularity of the game is increasing daily, there are lots of players who had just started playing the game and they don’t know about the PUBG mobile KD System.

In this post, you will learn what KD means in PUBG mobile, how it is calculated, how to increase it, how to hide it, and many more points related to it. 

What is KD in PUBG Mobile?

The term “KD” simply means Kills per Death ratio in PUBG mobile. We can have a rough idea about the player’s gameplay style and skills by looking at his or her KD record stats.

How Does KD System Works in PUBG Mobile?

The new KD System works differently than the previous KD System before Season 13 update. Previously, the KD system works on basis of the number of kills per number of death in matches. But now in the new KD system, it works based on the number of kills achieved per match.

So whether if you win the match, your KD will get a minus if you did not manage to kill at least current KD record players because now the KD system calculates on the number of matches rather than the number of deaths in the matches.

PUBG Mobile KD System - Meaning, Working, etc
PUBG Mobile KD System

How is KD Calculated in PUBG Mobile?

Now let’s see how the KD is calculated in the new KD system and compare it with the previous KD system. Suppose you have played 10 matches in the new season and managed to kill 3 enemies in each match and won 3 matches out of 10.

Therefore, your current new KD would be 3.00 kills per death whereas if you take the same scenario in the old KD system then your current KD would have been 4.28 kills per death.

You can see how much difference the new KD system had made when comparing with the old system. Now let’s see some pros points of the new KD system and why developers decided to update the old KD system to the new one.

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Pros of New KD System

The new KD system is a great initiative by Developers which will help to see the actual KD of the player. There were lots of players who just kills 4-5 bots and grab the 1st position by camping in the whole match to increase their KD in the previous system. So those players are in big trouble with the new KD system.

The new KD system motivates players to play better now in every season since now camping players are less seen in the game. Comparing players with the previous time, players have now started to play rush and aggressive for kills which is better than camping in the whole match.

Cons of New KD System

The disadvantage of the new KD system is that it would be harder to push your KD in the final days of the season.

Previously, players were able to push their KD even in the final time by grabbing the winner-winner chicken dinner (1st position) but now it is very difficult to push KD because you need to kill players in each match rather than winning the matches.

The new KD system is bad for those players whose win ratio was very much high. In the previous system, they would camp and tries to win the chicken dinner to boost their KD but now it would be very difficult for them to increase their KD with such a mentality.

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Why Do You Need a Good KD in PUBG Mobile?

A good KD helps to give an overall gameplay style whether the player is a rush player who wants to kill many players or the one who simply needs to win the match by camping.

Lots of players judge other players based on his/her KD in the game. So it would be great if you can get a good KD in PUBG mobile. A good KD player is a player who has a KD greater than 3 (i.e. they kill more than 3 enemies per match).

KD ratio Greater than 3 is considered as Good KD in PUBG Mobile
Good KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile

Many people refer to low KD players as Noobs (means who have just now started playing the game) and make fun of them. It’s common in gamers. Everyone compares himself with each other to check whether they play better or not.

But I request you not to make fun of others based on their KD. It hurts a lot in long term. Maybe the other player might have a low-end device in which PUBG lags a lot. Therefore, he/she might not be able to showcase their skills. Just boost the confidence of such players rather than discouraging them.

To those whose PUBG game lags a lot, you can easily fix most of the lags and ping issues in PUBG mobile by following the methods mentioned in our PUBG Mobile Lag and Ping Fix guide.

How to Improve Your KD in PUBG Mobile?

Well if you want to improve your KD in the new system after the season 13 update then you must go for more kills right from the beginning of the season itself in each match.

There are lots of players who camp in the initial time of the season to reach higher tiers quickly and most of them reach to but at the cost of low KD.

Yes, you might have seen players in the Conqueror lobby with 1-2 KD. What’s the point of reaching the conqueror tier with such a low KD. So I would only suggest you go for high kills and forget about the tier in which you are playing during that time.

This would help you to improve your existing KD but if you truly want to boost your KD a lot then I highly recommend you to read our 13 best tips to increase KD in the PUBG mobile guide.

It will surely help you to boost your KD with a guarantee if you follow those tips mentioned in the above guide in every match of the season.

How to Hide KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile?

There are lots of players who want to hide their KD in PUBG mobile. They don’t want anybody else to see their KD because if it’s poor stats then most of their friends will say him or her “Noob”. This causes the player’s confidence down when playing the game.

But here is a secret tip to those players whose friends refer to them as Noobs. The secret tip is that you play better than those players who refer to you as a noob when comparing them and you with the beginner phase.

That’s the reason they keep referring to you as a noob to break your morale while playing the game. Even you will notice in the future that the same players who make fun by referring you as a noob will send invitation requests again and again in the future to play with you because they know that you play far better than them.

So there is no need to hide your KD in PUBG mobile but in case if you still want to hide your KD then follow the below steps:

  1. Open your game on your device
  2. In the main lobby section, tap on the Settings icon located at the bottom right of your device
  3. On the settings page, go to “Basic Settings”
  4. Tap on “Disable” for “Allow Others to See Your Result” and “Allow Spectators to View Tier Information”
Hide KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile by Disabling These Options
Hide your KD in PUBG Mobile by Disabling these Red Options

This setting will make sure that if some player tries to spectate you while match round then they will not be able to see your tier information like KD, the number of matches, tier league, etc but it will not hide your tier information from your in-game friends. They still will be able to see your KD unless and until you remove them from your friend list.

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KD System in PUBG Mobile – Related FAQ:

Below are the short answers to some frequently asked questions asked by players regarding the “PUBG Mobile KD System”.

What is the Full Form of K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile?

The full form of k/d ratio in PUBG mobile is Kills per Death which helps to give an overall idea of how many kills the player performs in each match.

Is it Bad to have a Low KD Ratio?

No, there are lots of players who don’t have a good kd but they have a lot better igling and leadership skills than others.

What is a Good K/D Ratio in PUBG Mobile?

A k/d ratio of 3 or more than 3 is considered a good k/d ratio in PUBG mobile. It simply means that player had killed more than 3 players in each match.

Final Words

A low KD doesn’t mean that you don’t have gameplay skills. Your device might lag, hence you were not able to score High KD. Believe me, those players are professionals who play PUBG mobile on the low-end device and have a decent KD.

I hope you had now known what’s KD in PUBG mobile means, how it is calculated, and why you should have a higher KD in every season of PUBG mobile. Comment down if you have any queries related to PUBG mobile. I will provide you with solutions as soon as possible.

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