What is Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile – Best Optimal Settings

With the new update 0.18.0, PUBG mobile has introduced lots of features and improvements in the game. One of the highlighted features is Canted Sight which is very useful for many players. Canted Sight feature was already available for PUBG PC but PUBG mobile, the feature released with the new update 0.18.0

In this comprehensive article, you will learn all about a canted sight like what it is, how to enable it, how to switch from the main scope to the canted scope, the best settings for it, which guns are compatible with it in PUBG mobile.

PUBG mobile Canted Sight
Canted Sight in PUBG mobile

Think of the situation where you are rushing over enemies in close range, and you forget to change your higher scope like 6x, 4x to the red dot, and during the fight, you mistakenly tap on the scope button.

Since you have a higher scope, it will take time to scope as well as block your TPP angle feature until scoping. Due to that, enemies can easily knock and kill you straight away. That is the point where canted sight comes into the picture.

By merely having a canted sight scope, you can quickly toggle from your Primary higher scope (i.e. 6x,4x, etc.) to canted sight (i.e. Red Dot version) by changing the scope from Main to Canted version.

What is Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile?

Canted sight helps the player to switch from primary scopes to canted scope. It is beneficial when dealing with close-range combat fights. It is a secondary scope slot for weapons.

Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile
[Image Credit: Gamepedia]

It helps the player to toggle between the Primary main scope (i.e. 6x, 4x) to Red Dot type scope. I think you might now know a little bit about it. Let’s see what are the disadvantage of using canted sight.

The Disadvantage of Using Canted Sight

Canted sight is a beneficial feature introduced in the PUBG mobile, but there are certain disadvantages of using it. The difficulties of Canted Sight are mentioned below:

1) Blocks Left-Angle View

If you are using long-range scope like 6x,3x, etc., it will block the left angle views for the crosshair. In short, it prevents viewability. You can understand what I am talking about by the below image.

Blocks Left Angle Views Using Canted Sight
Blocks Left Angle Views

In the image, you can see that the left-hand side view around the Canted sight is blocked due to Primary Scope. If an enemy is hiding at that position, he/she can easily see and kill you from that spot.

2) Requires More Peek Movement

Another disadvantage of using Canted sight is it requires more movement for the player to peek from a spot as compared to taking a peek from the same place by Primary scope.

Iron SIght Peek Position
Image 1: Iron Sight Peek Position

You can better understand what I am saying from the below images. The first image shows the Peek view from the Primary scope, and the second image shows the Peek views from the Canted sight.

Canted Sight Peek Position
Image 2: Canted Sight Peek Position

You can see that the Cross-hair of the Canted Sight positions little left to the original sight position. So, when you switch from primary sight to canted sight, you will need to adjust your Canted cross-hair a little right for positioning the same spot.

3) Diagonally Attached View-Sight

Since the canted sight is attached to weapons diagonally, most of the players feel uncomfortable using it. Although some players might like the diagonal view, it depends on the player’s skills to use Canted Sight effectively.

Best Optimal Settings for Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile

Although Canted sight is similar to Red-Dot sight, there is a little change between them. Here are the best optimal settings for using canted sight in PUBG mobile.

You can set the crosshair color to red and change the crosshair style to Dot type for better accuracy. You can see the below image and set your Canted sight settings for better aiming.

Best Optimal Settings for Canted Sight:
Best Optimal Settings for Canted Sight

Now, let’s see how can you enable and use canted sight in PUBG mobile.

How to Enable Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile?

To enable canted sight in PUBG mobile; you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open PUBG Mobile Settings and under the Basic Settings section, find Canted Sight Button located below Lean mode
  2. Enable the “Tap to Switch Scope” by tapping on it
  3. Now, you can use canted sight by one button tap (i.e. toggling between scopes)
Enable Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile
Enable Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile

Let’s learn how you can switch from the primary scope to the secondary scope with the help of canted features.

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How to Use Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile?

To get canted sight for weapons, you will need to find it. It is a widespread attachment that you can find almost anywhere on the map.

Just find it, and it will automatically get equipped on your gun. Use it to toggle between the main scope to secondary scope. The scope which you will see depends on the slot you attached primary scope and canted sight.

  • If you equip only canted sight, then your Primary scope on sight will be Canted sight
  • If you fit your Main scope after Canted sight then your Primary sight will be Canted sight and Secondary scope will be the Main scope you equipped.
  • If you equip Canted sight after the Main scope, then your Primary sight will be the Main scope.

Your crosshair angle and weapon’s position will change a little bit as compared to the previous one, but it will not create a negative impact on your aiming performance skills.

How to Switch From Primary Scope to Canted Sight?

During combat fights, if you want to switch from Primary Scope to Secondary scope, you can press “Main” which will activate the canted sight by toggling, and you will get the secondary scope.

During secondary scope, your character holds the gun tilted, and you can notice it with a tiled crosshair to know which scope is active right now. To switch back from Canted sight to Primary sight, just again press the same button with “Slide” text.

Switch From Primary Scope to Canted Sight
Switch From Primary Scope to Canted Sight

You can customize the button and place it anywhere on your Layout according to your claw preferences. The best location for the Switch button is near the “Reload” button at the bottom right.

Which Guns are Compatible with Canted Sight?

Most of the guns which have primary scope ability also support secondary scope slots. Currently, 21 guns are compatible with the Canted scope.

The following are the weapons that support canted sights:

Assault RiflesM416, Scar-L, M16A4,
G36C, QBZ, AUG A3,
AKM, Beryl M762,
Groza, MK47 Mutant
Sniper RiflesAWM, Kar98k, M24
DMRsMk14, Mini14, SKS,
SMGsUMP45, Bizon, Vector,
ShotgunsS12K, DBS
Guns Compatible with Canted Sight

PUBG Mobile Canted Sight – Related FAQ:

Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions by PUBG mobile players regarding the new feature Canted Sight.

Are Canted Sights Good?

The simple answer is “Yes”. It is better to switch scope using Canted Sight rather than using the Quick-scope mechanism.

When is Canted Sight Coming in PUBG Mobile?

Canted Sight is now available for PUBG mobile players. It has been released with the recent update 0.18.0 in PUBG mobile.

How to Switch Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile?

There are two mechanisms to switch the scopes when using Canted Sight. Either you can use “Tap to use Scope” or “Tap Button to Switch Scope”. It depends on you to choose between both. In my case, I use “Tap Button to Switch Scope”.

Final Words

Canted sight is one of the fabulous features that PUBG mobile developers had given to their gaming audience. Some might prefer using only one scope and change it quickly with Quick-scope.

The reason some players did not prefer canted sight is due to the button you need to press to toggle between the scopes. There might be a chance that you disturb your aim while pressing the Change button. Hence, some player uses Quick scope to equip other scopes quickly.

It is your choice whether you use canted sight or depend only on Quick-Scope. But Canted sights are effective in my case. I hope now you have some information about Canted sight on PUBG mobile.

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