5 Best Emulators To Play PUBG Mobile On PC (Updated)

Welcome Pro Player, Do you want to install and play PUBG Mobile on PC?

Don’t know how to play PUBG Mobile on PC? Well, then you are at the right place.

In this article, I will tell you the 5 Best Emulators for PUBG Mobile on PC.

PUBG PC after its launched gained a lot of popularity among gamers and gained the top rank in the PC games category.

The developers of the PUBG Pc soon released a mobile version of the PUBG in the market.

PUBG Mobile gained more popularity in comparison with PUBG PC as most of the players have mobile phones rather than a high-end PC to run PUBG PC.

Many PC gamers want to play the mobile version of PUBG in their PC.

Therefore, PUBG Developer had recently launched their own official emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC called “Tencent Buddy”.

Whereas there are lots of other emulators available in the market which are capable to run PUBG mobile on PC

So, let’s discuss all the 5 best official ways to play PUBG mobile on PC.

5 Best Emulators To Play PUBG Mobile On PC:

I had discussed all the steps required to run PUBG mobile on PC with the specific emulator in details.

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy:

PUBG PC developer had released an official emulator “Tencent Gaming Buddy” to play PUBG mobile on PC.

It is considered as the best official emulator available till now on the internet.

Play Pubg Mobile on PC with Tencent Gaming Buddy
Tencent Gaming Buddy

It is very easy to set up the emulator on PC which can be done within few minutes.

The Setup process is very much easy just you will have to download and run an exe (executable program) file and the setup wizard will pop up on your PC screen.

The setup wizard will automatically download Tencent gaming buddy emulator. After downloading the emulator, it will download PUBG mobile in the emulator.

Follow these steps to install PUBG mobile on PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator:

  1. Download the setup file from here
  2. Right click on the download setup file and click on “Run as administration”
  3. Click on “Customize” and choose the directory where you want to install the emulator and PUBG mobile
  4. After choosing the directory, click on “Install”
  5. Setup will begin to download the emulator in your PC
  6. Once, the emulator is installed, it will begin to download PUBG mobile in the emulator
  7. All done, your PUBG mobile is ready to play.

However, you will need to make certain changes in the emulator to increase its performance and customize it according to your controls, sensitivity, and other settings.

2. Bluestacks 4:

One of the best emulator when it comes to playing android games on PC.

Bluestacks had already captured their prime spot in the emulator market with their older version like Bluestacks 1, Bluestacks 2, etc.

The best feature that Bluestacks provide is their performance settings for games.

No other emulator in the market gives such access to control the performance of their emulator.

PUBG Mobile is compatible with Bluestacks. You can play PUBG mobile on PC with the help of bluestacks.

Play PUBG Mobile On PC with BlueStacks 4
BlueStacks 4

Get BlueStacks 4

Setup BlueStacks 4 To Play PUBG mobile on PC:

  1. First, download Bluestacks 4 from the given link.
  2. Install Bluestacks 4 on your computer.
  3. After installation, follow the one-time setup process like signing through your Gmail, etc
  4. Once the process is done, go to the play store and download PUBG mobile.
  5. Once you installed the game, default mapping for the keyboard will be done automatically.
  6. Enjoy your game.

You can change performance, keyboard mapping, sensitivity settings easily in bluestacks.

3. MEMU Play:

The third famous emulator which allow playing android game on Pc is MEmu.

With its easy interface and design, it makes PUBG mobile better to look. The process to install PUBG mobile on MEmu is very simple and easy.

Play PUBG Mobile On PC with MEMU Play

Setup MEMU Player To Play PUBG mobile on PC:

  1. Download MEmu emulator from here.
  2. Install it in your PC and complete the setup process.
  3. Download PUBG mobile latest apk from here.
  4. On the MEmu home screen, click on the “Install Apk” situated at the right-side toolbar.
  5. Select your download PUBG mobile apk and install it.
  6. Enjoy your game when the installation is completed.

If you want to learn about anything related to PUBG mobile in MEmu, you can visit this post.

4. Noxplayer:

Noxplayer became famous by allowing to play PokemonGo on PC.

Not all the emulator in the market rather than bluestacks and MEmu allows playing the PokemonGo app on PC with joystick and location hack.

But Nox made it possible to hack the PokemonGo app and run it on PC.

Nox developer had made more focus on increasing the performance of their emulator.

PUBG mobile runs smoothly on Noxplayer and it is easy to install similar to Bluestacks process.

Play PUBG Mobile On PC with NoxPlayer

Setup NoxPlayer To Play PUBG mobile on PC: –

  1. Download Noxplayer from here.
  2. Install, run it and complete the first-time installation process.
  3. Go to play store and install PUBG mobile.
  4. Make changes according to you in PUBG mobile like keys, performance, etc.
  5. Enjoy the game.

If you want any information about PUBG mobile on Nox Player, then visit here.

5. RemisOS Player:-

One of the best emulator player in the market. It enhances performance by enabling virtualization technology.

You need to enable virtualization in BIOS. Remis OS has clean interface, design and performance settings for gamers.

Setup RemisOS To Play PUBG mobile on PC: –

  1. Download RemisOS Player from here.
  2. Install the RemisOS in your PC.
  3. Go to Play Store and sign in with your Google account.
  4. Install PUBG mobile from play store.
  5. Enjoy your game.


I had discussed all the best emulators available on Internet to play PUBG mobile on PC.

There are other emulators available like PhoneixOS, etc but I had chosen only some best emulators to play PUBG mobile on PC.

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