How to Play Free Fire Online Without Downloading – Best Ways

We have been witnessing a lot of talking and discussion lately about how to play free fire online without downloading. There might be several reasons a player might choose to play Garena Free Fire online i.e. would need to save some space on their mobile, PC, or gaming device.

The casual gamers would always welcome the alternatives of playing their favorite game Garena Free Fire even without downloading it on their device. One such alternative is to play Free Fire online. This article will read the methods of How to Play Free Fire Online without Downloading along with all related aspects.

How to Play Free Fire Online without Downloading
How to Play Free Fire Online without Downloading

Is It Possible to Play Free Fire Online Without Downloading?

It is possible to enjoy a free fire game online with some specific method. If your mobile device runs out of space and doesn’t allow this game to run, we have a solution for both mobile and PC gamers. However, there might be a slight problem for the hardcore gamers or daily players.

This online available game is like the trial version that gives you the taste of its gameplay. You get to understand the gaming mechanics and enjoy the gameplay at the same time with this. You can watch the below video to get a complete understanding of the trial-type Free Fire version that you can play without downloading.

Video about How to Play Free Fire Online without Downloading

How to Play Free Fire Online Without Downloading – On Mobile

Well! The smartphone users who love playing Free Fire would love this new update empowering them to play this game online. You do not have to download the entire 800MB gaming files from the app store of your mobile (Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple users). However, there are simple steps that you would have to follow to play the free fire online without downloading the files.

Here is how to play free fire online on mobile. Just follow the below steps and you will be able to play Garena Free Fire online without downloading it on a mobile device: –

Step 1) Take your mobile and open the Application store, Play Store or AppStore. Tap on the search bar and type the name of the game “Garena Free Fire” from the company Garena International.

Step 2) Tap on the Free Fire result that will take you to its Page on Free Fire. Click on the Try Now button which should present left to the Installation button.

Step 3) Clicking on this would take you at least a few seconds to load the game online on your Mobile device. It would depend on the strength of the Internet connection and device capability.

With this, the players can enjoy the game as much as they desire. However, the game runs for around 2 minutes to give you an idea of its gameplay and other options.

If players like the game and wish to download it, they could do it by tapping on the Download button on the top-left corner of their screens. Otherwise, opening the Free Fire page in the app store also provides an option for the same.

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Is It Possible to Play Free Fire Online on Google Chrome?

The straight answer is Yes. Anyone can easily play Free Fire online without downloading on Google Chrome via their PC or Mobile. They would require to follow a simple procedure which we have enlisted below. The PC would require any emulator for this method. Let us discuss the involved steps.

Step 1) On your device open Google Chrome, a web browser by Google. Now download and Install the ARC Welder extension from the official store of Chrome.

Step 2) Tap on the highlighted ARC Welder option. Next, you should click on the Add to Chrome Extension option which would commence the downloading process of this extension. You can use this extension as the emulator for running the games.

Step 3) Reload the whole browser. Close and reopen Google Chrome on your device. As the ARC Welder extension would have been installed completely, enable this extension from the listed extension of Chrome.

Step 4) It will ask you to choose the drive to keep the game date. Choose the D: Drive your PC or storage on mobile.

Step 5) Search and download the Garena Free Fire online game and then add the game through the ARC Welder extension, whenever asked to do so. Now, you just have to click the Test button to run it.

Follow the above steps to play free fire online without downloading the game files on your Google Chrome browser. The PC experience is what a lot of gamers seek, as they think it is better to have a large screen for gaming.

Their gaming performance considerably increases while reducing the number of lags. However, users around the world prefer to have emulators for the games. They use specific emulators to run the mobile games and enjoy that experience.

How to Play Free Fire Online on PC – Through Emulator

Sometimes players find it difficult to play the game with the chrome extension. It is where they hop on to the other method of using an emulator for running the game. If you wish to play Free Fire online without downloading, use the mentioned method. This method will enlist all the necessary steps that you should follow. Here is how to do it.

Step 1) On your PC open the browser and go to the official website of BlueStacks for free. Below is the link to directly reach the installation page of BlueStacks.

Step 2) After the successful downloading and installation process of BlueStacks, launch the application. Now open the Google play store in this app and sign in. It will give you access to the application store.

Step 3) After the successful sign-in, reach out to the search bar and type Garena Free Fire. It will take you to its installation page. Click on the Try Now button to the left of the Install option. It will take a few seconds to launch the game as per your internet connection.

This completes the step-by-step guide to make you aware of how to play free fire online without downloading it. However, you can readily choose other alternatives like MEmu Play and GameLoop for a smoother gaming experience.

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Play Free Fire Online without Downloading – Related FAQ:

Here are some FAQs that might help you with some queries regarding playing Free Fire online without even downloading on the mobile, emulator, or PC. Hope they might be helpful.

How to Play Free Fire Online on Jio Phone?

A tech-literate person can understand that the Jio Phone runs on the KaiOS and comes with less RAM, making it unsuitable for the Free Fire game. The compatibility of Free Fire is only with Android and iOS.

Hence, due to many technical reasons, playing the game on the Jio Phone is not possible. Both hardware and software specs do not allow the players to run Free Fire online on the Jio Phone.

Is it Safe to Play Free Fire Online without Downloading It?

It is safe to play this game online without giving any suspicious permissions and information. The online is entirely safe till following the safety procedures. Always be wary when you download or play free fire online with the help of a chrome extension.

However, the Google Play Store and Garena are giving the option for this trial gaming online. It alludes to the fact that it should be safe for you unless you are playing through the play store. Besides, do not fall into the trap of websites alluring you to play the game online with otherwise harmful links.

Is There are Anyway to Play Free Fire Online without Downloading on My Laptop?

The answer is a resounding Yes. If you have a laptop, you can use the emulator or the chrome method discussed above in the article to play Garena Free Fire online on your Laptop.

What is The PC Specs Requirement to Play Free Fire Online?

The specification requirement of the Free Fire game on the PC is just as same as the emulator would require. The free fire online would need only 4GB RAM and a Dual-core processor with around 200 MB of free space at a maximum. The graphic Card should be Intel Graphics 3000 or above to run it smoothly with no stutters.

Final Words

It brings us to the concluding part of this informative article regarding the online gaming of Free Fire. All the methods listed above would ensure you effectively enjoy and play Free Fire online without downloading on your device. Hope! It would have given every essential information you needed.

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