Nova Paraboy PUBG Wiki Net Worth, Age, ID, Girlfriend – 2023

In the world of PUBG Mobile, when it comes to one of the best players’ names Paraboy comes at the top of the list. The player is often termed to be the most handsome player of PUBG mobile. The boy has won many tournaments and awards under the Innova eSports clan.

A lot of newbie players wanting to make a career in gaming looked up to Paraboy as one of their inspirations. This article covers all the other aspects regarding the player including Paraboy Wiki, girlfriend, controversies, age, sensitivity settings, id, etc. If you find something missing in the article, you are good to comment below.

Nova eSports Organization PUBG Mobile Team
Nova eSports Organization PUBG Mobile Team

Nova Paraboy Biography – Zhu Bocheng Wiki

The real name of Paraboy is Zhu Bocheng. Zhu is from China and started his career in gaming as a part of the X-Quest force team in the year 2019. While on the team Paraboy received worldwide recognition. By scoring the Second rank as well as Most Valuable Player in PUBG mobile Spring Split China Championship, he became too famous as an eSports player.

Nova Paraboy Wiki Zhu Bocheng Face
Nova Paraboy Wiki Zhu Bocheng Face

Later the X-Quest force team was taken over by Nova eSports. This company hailing from Hong Kong made Paraboy, the Nova Paraboy which we all know in the current time. Too many of your surprises, Paraboy is just 19 years old. He has millions of followers on his social media and is also known as the ‘GOAT’ or “GOD” of PUBG mobile.

Nova Paraboy Wiki –

NameZhu Bocheng
In-Game NameNova XQF-Paraboy
Famous AsParaboy
Date of Birth12 February 2002
Pubg ID155943358
Height5 Feet 7 inches
Weight55 kg
Waist30 inches
Net worth$500,000
ProfessionGamer, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Zodiac SignAquarius
Relationship StatusIn Relationship with Conan Mo Yannan
Nick NameGoat of PUBG Mobile
Nova Paraboy Wiki Biography

Paraboy Favourite Items –

Favorite ColorBlack
Paraboy Favourite Items

NOVA Paraboy Networth

Paraboy is among the world’s best players of PUBG Mobile. The fact is a clear indication that he must be amongst the top paid esports players of PUBG mobile. The major chunk of income for Paraboy is what he gets from his organization Nova eSports. The organization may pay monthly around 20,000 dollars. 

However, Paraboy also runs a YouTube channel that has millions of subscribers. Other than YouTube, he also streams on other streaming apps and gets huge donations of sponsorships and advertisements

Also taking into consideration of Prize Pool, which the organization has won in recent times, he surely has got the majority chunks of the prize making it an excellent source of earning in his portfolio. However, calculating Paraboy’s networth is a little bit difficult as he earns through additional income streams too. We do not know the actual estimates of numbers that he gets in donation sponsorships for prize pools. It is estimated that the annual income of Zhu Bocheng is around 150 thousand dollars and his net amount stands around $500,000. However, it’s just an assumption that everyone can make regarding his networth in recent times.

Paraboy Career in Gaming Industry

Paraboy started his gaming career after joining the XQ Quest force team. However, this team was acquired by Hong Kong-based company called Nova. Since then he has been called Nova Paraboy. He achieved many milestones and achievements after connecting with the Nova eSports organization.

Paraboy Gameplay of Highest Kills in PUBG Mobile

Nova Paraboy Girlfriend & Family Details

Paraboy has millions of followers on social media because of his handsome face and skills for the game. He has never been left alone from the crowd of female fans. They looked at him as their crush and is globally followed by women all across the world. 

To your dismay, Paraboy is not single. There are many rumors and news that Paraboy has been dating Conan Mo Yannan who herself is an eSports player and place from the team LK. These are just news created by some reputed news sites in China.

Gaming Devices Used by Paraboy for PUBG Mobile

Paraboy uses iPhone 13 Pro Max which can be seen from his recent Instagram posts. He also has a fanatic Mini streak RGB Mechanical Keyboard and Game Capture, HD60S. The headphones used by Paraboy are HyperX Cloud 2 headphones which are considered one of the best headphones in the world.

Paraboy Aim in PUBG Mobile

Nova Paraboy PUBG Mobile ID, Control, Sensitivity Details – Latest

The gaming id of Nova Paraboy in PUBG mobile is 155943358. This is his real ID and his player name is Nova Paraboy. He gets continuous popularity from everyone each second in his real account id of PUBG mobile.

Paraboy Sensitivity Settings – PUBG Mobile

When it comes to ranking for different PUBG mobile players in the world, Paraboy is one of the top candidates for this position. Playing with Paraboy sensitivity and controls can help other players to increase their Aiming skills in the game. However, you must know that Sensitivity varies for each gaming device and you must choose the sensitivity with which you are comfortable playing PUBG mobile.

Nova Paraboy Complete Sensitivity Settings in PUBG Mobile

Paraboy ADS Sensitivity –

2X scope114%
3X Scope48%
4X Scope76%
6X Scope8%
8X Scope10%
1st Person No Scope135%
3rd Person No Scope147%
Red Dot137%
Aim Assist137%
Paraboy ADS Sensitivity

Paraboy Camera Sensitivity –

2X scope77%
3X Scope25%
4X Scope21%
6X Scope8%
8X Scope10%
1st Person No Scope119%
3rd Person No Scope125%
Red Dot56%
Aim Assist56%
Paraboy Camera Sensitivity

Paraboy Gyroscope Sensitivity –

2X scope125%
3X Scope165%
4X Scope200%
6X Scope45%
8X Scope40%
1st Person No Scope199%
3rd Person No Scope140%
Red Dot185%
Aim Assist185%
Paraboy Gyroscope Sensitivity

Paraboy K/D Stats

Paraboy is no doubt one of the best players of PUBG. KD ratio is the abbreviation used for Kill to Death ratio. For one of the best players in the world, the KD ratio is essential to maintain and focus on. Paraboy’s K/D is quite impressive. It was the highest in season 4 where his KD stood impressively at 22.13. You can check out our PUBG mobile KD Ratio guide that can help you to know more about it.

Paraboy Vs Jonathan – Most Awaited Battle in PUBG Mobile History

First time in the history of gaming, Paraboy Pubg and Jonathan stood against each other. Jonathan is also considered the other Goat of PUBG mobile. Are you looking for the results? It can be fascinating to see the top and our favorite players compete against each other. The battle was streamed on their YouTube channel. Here is the video, go ahead watch it, enjoy and find the winner of the battle of Paraboy vs Jonathan.

Paraboy vs Jonathan Battle in PUBG Mobile

Paraboy PUBG Mobile Achievements & Awards

Zhu Bocheng is an excellent player of PUBG mobile. He has many achievements in his name. Some of them are mentioned below:

Achievements of Paraboy in PUBG Mobile –

2021-04-185thS-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 1$173,289
2021-01-261stS-TierPUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0: FinalsNova Esports$700,000
2020-11-151stS-TierPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2020Nova Esports$756,683
2020-10-256thS-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 3Nova Esports$80,880
2020-08-231stA-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 2Nova Esports$155,990
2020-06-213rdA-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 1X-Quest F$40,978
2019-12-291stS-TierPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2019X-Quest F$157,236
2019-12-152ndA-TierPeacekeeper Elite Professional League 2019X-Quest F$77,458
2019-08-311stA-TierPeacekeeper Elite Global Invitation Summer 2019X-Quest F$55,944
2019-07-282ndS-TierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global FinalsX-Quest F$90,000
Paraboy Achievements in PUBG Mobile

Awards of Paraboy in PUBG Mobile –

2021-10-03S-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 3Regular Season’s MVP$31,046
2021-07-31A-TierPeace Elite Super Cup 2021: SquadTeam MVP$15,476
2021-04-18S-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 1W3 MVP$6,134
2021-04-18S-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2021 Season 1W2 MVP$6,134
2020-11-15S-TierPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2020Team MVP$75,684
2020-11-15S-TierPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2020MVP of the year$0
2020-11-15S-TierPeacekeeper Elite Championship 2020Most popular player of the year$0
2020-08-23A-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 2Team MVP$0
2020-08-23A-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 2Scoring Leader$0
2020-07-12B-TierHUYA All-Star Cup Summer 2020Gunslinger$1,428
2020-07-12B-TierHUYA All-Star Cup Summer 2020Team MVP$1,428
2020-06-21A-TierPeacekeeper Elite League 2020 Season 1Team MVP$0
Paraboy Awards in PUBG Mobile

Nova Paraboy Instagram Details –

Paraboy is an active Instagram user. He has 80+ posts on Instagram. Paraboy following on Instagram is massive. He is one of the most popular stars on Instagram. He has 300k+ followers currently on his Instagram account. To get in touch with your inspiration, we provide the link to his real Instagram ID below:

Link to the Instagram: Click Here

Paraboy Wiki PUBG Mobile – Related FAQ:

Here are some questions many newbies ask related to the Nova Paraboy wiki. If you have any additional information about Paraboy’s Wiki, please share it in the comment section.

How Much Old Paraboy Is?

Paraboy the star of PUBG mobile is the inspiration and crush of many. The star is often called the ‘Goat’ of Pubg. With a vast social media following, many people are curious about the age of the star. How old can be this huge star of the gaming world?  To your surprise, born on March 24, 2002, Paraboy is just 19 years old. Accomplishing such a huge milestone at such young age through hard work, dedication, and consistency is itself an inspiration to many others.

How Much Does Paraboy Earn?

The earning of Paraboy is the cause of excitement for many. Everyone wants to know how much this big star earns. The source of income for Paraboy is many. Apart from what he gets from the organization, he also has income from the prize money which the team won in the tournament, social media channels, funding, donations, etc. The income of Paraboy is said to be $500,000 on the whole.

Who is World’s No 1 PUBG Mobile Player?

Paraboy is the world’s number 1 PUBG mobile player. Paraboy is often called the God of Pubg. He has a massive social media following and has a lot of titles in his name.  At just the age of 19, Paraboy stands to be one of the most valuable players of PUBG Mobile. After Paraboy, Jonathan is considered the best player in PUBG mobile.

Does Paraboy Uses Thumb and Gyroscope Controls?

Paraboy is a thumb player and uses Gyroscope controls. His thumb and gyroscope techniques are something one must learn to master the aiming skills in PUBG mobile.

Who is Better Paraboy, Jonathan or Scout?

The comparison of Paraboy, Jonathan, or Scout cannot be done. All three of them have their area of expertise. Jonathan is the best assaulter of India, whereas Scout is one of the top players in every 5 matches played. Paraboy is no doubt one of the strongest players in the era of PUBG mobile. Each of the players holds expertise in different areas. A comparison would be futile. We must appreciate each of their talents equally.

What is Paraboy ID in PUBG Mobile Global?

Paraboy is the Goat of Pubg and the username of the player in PUBG Mobile is NOVA-XQF Paraboy. The ID of Paraboy is 155943358. Paraboy is one of the youngest stars of PUBG.

Final Thoughts

The 19-year-old player from China is breaking new records each day. Termed as the most handsome player of PUBG, there are many things to learn from this amazing player. We have tried to cover everything in this Paraboy Wiki. Do let us know if there is something else you want to know about your favorite pubg mobile player Paraboy. Keep up with us for more content like this!

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