I-Digitalpro 2023 – Everything About PUBG UC and Free Fire

Recently, when I was researching our next Battlegrounds Mobile India topic to be covered in the future, I came across a keyword thousands of people were searching for regarding PUBG mobile i.e. I-Digitalpro 2023.

I researched a lot about it why people were searching I-Digitalpro PUBG Mobile or I-Digitalpro Free Fire and why was this site IDigitalpro not working in 2023. There are lots of people who don’t know about the I-Digitalpro site. This article is basically for them where I had shared complete details about the I-Digitalpro.com website along with some other subtopics that can be helpful for you to understand it.

I-DigitalPro 2021 PUBG Mobile UC Redeem Codes Free
I-DigitalPro 2022-2023 PUBG Mobile UC Redeem Codes Free

But before you read further, do note that we by any means are not related to the I-Digitalpro website. This article is just a guide that will help you to know about IDigitalpro.com and why people are searching for this term along with famous battle-royale games like PUBG (BGMI) Mobile, Free Fire, etc. 

About I-DigitalPro 2023 Site:

I-Digitalpro was a blog site hosted free on a blogger platform covering categories like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Programming, Health, etc. I-Digitalpro.com contains more than 14 articles published under the topic of PUBG Mobile news, tips & tricks, leaks, generators, etc.

Since the site was covering new leaks, tips, and tricks of PUBG mobile, many people were searching for the site to know about the new PUBG mobile tips tricks, UC, and many more topics. The last updated post on the site was on June 21st 2021, and after that, the owner or the editorial team has not uploaded any of the content on the site. Currently, the site I-Digitalpro is down and no work or content is getting published on it. But hopefully, we might see the site working again in the future.

About I-DigitalPro 2023 PUBG Free Fire Site
About I-DigitalPro 2023 PUBG Free Fire Site

The main reason behind I-Digitalpro’s popularity is due to the fake PUBG Mobile UC Redeem Codes & BP Generators, or the Free Fire Diamond & Skin Generators the site was promoting. But these were fake as these kinds of generators cannot be easily available on the Internet and the redeem codes were fake too.

What are PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes?

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes are 12-digit codes that can help you to get UC, royale pass, rewards, crates coupons, etc in PUBG mobile. These codes are mostly shared by the developers of the game on the occasion of some events or during the time of a new update. You can use these redeem codes to get free in-game items.

Want some redemption codes? Check out our guide PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes for Free through which you can get real working redeem codes for PUBG mobile.

How to Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile or BGMI?

It’s just a couple of steps to get some free in-game items in PUBG mobile using the redeem codes. Do note that the process remains the same for BGMI too. Just follow the below steps carefully: –

PUBG Mobile Redemption Center
PUBG Mobile Redemption Center
  1. First, get some real working PUBG mobile redeem codes and thereby visit the PUBG Mobile Redemption Center.
  2. Now enter your PUBG Mobile account character ID, Code, and verify the Captcha I’m not a Robot.
  3. Once you had done it, if the redeem code was working, then you will get the rewards such as Skins, UC, etc directly in your in-game mail. Just collect the rewards from there.
Get Redeem Rewards Directly in Your Inbox Mail
Get Redeem Rewards Directly in Your Inbox Mail

How to Get Redeem Codes in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes are not that hard to find. There are plenty of methods that can help you to find some real and working PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes. Below are some of the methods that you can try if you want to find working PUBG redeem codes: –

  1. Streams: – There are lots of streamers these days who are regularly providing PUBG mobile redeem code giveaways to their subscribers. Also, there are plenty of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Loco, etc where streamers consistently organize giveaways each day. You can try your luck from there.
  2. Discord: – Discord is the main source of Redeem Codes these days. Every streamer, content creators have their own discord server where they share working PUBG mobile redeem codes each day. Just join their discord server and check if some redeem codes have been shared recently or not.
  3. Reddit: – Although the chances of getting PUBG mobile redeem codes from the Reddit site are pretty much less. But still, you can try your luck as there are lots of users who update new working codes every day.
  4. ShoutMeBack: – Last but not least, you can find new working PUBG mobile redeem codes at our site daily. We consistently update it so that users can get in-game items for free. Just bookmark our site for future upcoming PUBG mobile or Free Fire redeem codes.

Is I-DigitalPro PUBG BGMI Safe to Browse?

For browsing purposes, I-Digitalpro is completely safe to use but the moment you download some fishy files or use the generators available on the site, you might be not safe.

The consequence would be great such as your PUBG mobile account may get suspended or your device security may be breached due to downloading those files on your device.

Is I-DigitalPro UC Safe to UC in BGMI or PUBG Mobile?

The clear answer is No. Since I-Digitalpro is a third-party website that does not have any relation with Krafton, it is not safe to use the PUBG mobile UC codes the site is providing.

Final Words

I-Digitalpro was famous back in 2020 when the site was leading users with fake PUBG Mobile UC Redeem Codes generators, Free Fire Skins, etc but due to some internal reason, the site got down, and currently, it is still down in 2023.

That’s it with the article. I hope you might have got to know about the I-Digitalpro website. If you do like our article, make sure to check out our other gaming-related articles.

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