How to Join Soul Clan in PUBG Mobile – Tips to Join Soul Gaming House

Don’t know how to join Soul clan in PUBG mobile? Looking for ways to join Soul gaming house? It’s a dream for many esports players to join the Soul clan and become one of the 8bit Soul Gaming house members.

Do note that the article is based only on PUBG Mobile game as eSports. There is a different procedure to join Soul clan for other games like Valorant, CS:GO, etc.

Requirements to Join Soul Clan:

There are certain requirements to be met if you want to join the Soul clan or almost any of the PUBG eSports clan. The requirements are that your game account level should be more than 60 levels and you must be at at least Ace tier and if possible Conqueror is well and good.

You will have to participate and play many tournaments and custom rooms to make some reputation for you in the eSports industry so that the eSports clan will note you quickly.

You don’t need to have a Good highfy KD ratio or Outfits as the Soul recruiters always try to analyze your gameplay with complete information containing stats like damage, headshots, survival minutes per match, etc

How to Join Soul Clan in PUBG Mobile – 2021

Currently, Soul Clan is an Invitational-Open-only clan that means you will only get joined in the team if you are invited by the leader or management of the Soul clan (i.e. through Soul Mortal or 8bit Thug).

There are no such forms or online official Soul website where you can signup for the joining process but in the future, it might be possible.

How to Join Soul Clan in PUBG Mobile - Soul Gaming House
How to Join Soul Clan in PUBG Mobile – Soul Gaming House

However, you can get joined in Soul if you can impress the Soul team through your skills and importantly fame because unless you are not famous, you will not be noticeable to big eSports clan leaders or management.

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10 Tips That Will Help You to Join Soul Clan Quickly

Here are some tips that can help you while showcasing your skills for joining the Soul clan process: –

1) During matches, focus more on your team rather than unnecessary showing your skills as PUBG is a multiplayer game and you need to coordinate with your team players properly for effective results.

2) Assign yourself the best role that suits your game style i.e. Sniper, Assaulter, Medic, etc. Depending on your gameplay style, assign your role in the team.

3) Before matches begin, analyze the maps carefully and if possible have some idea about opponent teams (strength, drop location, etc)

4) Always try to land at your drop location as soon as possible and if the opponent teams are landing at the same spot then try to move to some other places to avoid initial knockouts.

5) Choose your preferred combination guns perfectly whose recoil you have mastered as recoil handling skills can create a good impression on others.

6) Properly communicate with your teammates in the preferred languages of all players as languages can sometimes act as a barrier while communicating with each other in the team.

7) Since Soul is an invite-only clan if you are famous in eSports tournaments, or as a creator in YouTube, Facebook, etc can increase your chance of getting selected in Soul clan.

8) Having a Good KD is not that important but make sure that your overall stats like headshot percentage, damage, etc are good so that it will create some impressions on others while judging your gameplay.

9) Reach Conqueror or at least Ace tier within 15-20 days (Highly preferable as it creates a good impression for you) and if possible have some unique titles achieved like Weapon Master, Well-Liked, Pacifist, etc.

10) Always play any tournaments or custom room matches with good high-end devices that would run the game smoothly to overcome the chances of laggy and choppy gameplay.

If you are struggling with lags and ping problems in PUBG mobile then do check out our guide about how to fix lag and ping in PUBG mobile that covers almost 22 best methods to fix them both.

That’s it with the tips. I hope you will follow these tips carefully as it increases your chance of getting selected in Soul clan. Now, let’s move to the main section of this article i.e. how you can join the Soul clan.

How to Join Soul Gaming House – Criteria for Joining 8bit and Soul Gaming House

You can join 8bit or Soul gaming house easily if you are playing in the lineup for any of the games like PUBG, Valorant, etc or you are joined as a creator in their team. Unfortunately for creator editors cannot join the gaming house (Only Adi – Mortal editor is till now joined the Gaming house as he is one of the oldest editors and has been working for a long time).

Soul Gaming House 2.0 Town Hall
Soul Gaming House 2.0 Town Hall

To join 8bit and Soul gaming house, all you need is to join any of the team lineups for any games or you join as a creator in any of the teams. For more additional information regarding 8bit and Soul Gaming House, you can watch the below video posted on their official Youtube channel.

Soul 2.0 Gaming House

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PUBG Lineup Members of Soul Clan (Current + Previous): –

Below is a quick overview of all the members of the Soul clan along with the previous lineup players who had joined the Soul clan in the past.

Sr NoPlayer NameStatus
Soul Clan Members Lineup

How to Join S8UL Clan and Gaming House – Related FAQ:

Here are some of the most asked questions by the PUBG mobile audience regarding how to join Soul clan or Gaming house query. Hope the below FAQ will answer some of your queries.

Who is The Owner of Soul Clan?

Till now the owner of the Soul clan is Naman Mathur aka Soul Mortal. But 8bit thug plays the role of management for Soul clan.

Who Is The Best Player in Soul?

Comparing overall skills like IGLing, Recoiling, Movements, etc among the four members of Soul, it’s clear that Soul Mortal is one of the best players in Soul and somewhere the best player of PUBG Mobile in India.

Who is The Leader of Soul Clan?

Earlier, Soul Vicky was the leader of the Soul clan but afterward, the leadership is given to Soul Mortal. However, in matches, the in-game leadership (IGL) role is mostly performed by Soul Regaltos.

Can I Join Soul Clan?

Yes, definitely if you got the skills and better game understanding then you can easily join the Soul clan. Just focus on your game skills and try to improve them better and better in each game. A secret tip to improve your game focus and skills is to record your gameplay and analysis your mistakes made during the matches so that you won’t repeat them in upcoming matches.

How Many Awards Did Soul Clan has Achieved?

So far till now 2021, Soul had won more than 6 awards i.e. PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals, PUBGM Veteran Showdown: Captain’s League, VLT Major Invitational Tournament Season 2, Matrix Invitational Cup, etc.

Do note that these awards are not only for winning the tournaments but for other titles too like Fan Favorite Team, Most Kill by Squad, Team MVP, etc.

Which Creator Earns the Most in Soul Clan?

Soul Mortal aka Naman Mathur earns the most in the Soul clan. Mortal’s expected monthly revenue earnings are approximately around Rs 5 Lakh+ and his net worth in 2021 is around $1 Million, making him the creator that earns the most in the Soul clan.

Does Soul Clan have Any Official Website for Joining Process?

In the present scenario, Soul clan doesn’t have any official website for recruiting new esports players or creators but hopefully, in the future, the management will launch their official Soul website where we will be able to apply for the joining process in Soul clan.

What is Soul Gaming House 2.0 Location Address?

Soul Gaming House 2.0 is located in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The exact location of the gaming house is still not known and has not been revealed by the organization or anyone till now.

What is the Total Price of Soul Gaming House 2.0?

The approximate price of Soul Gaming House 2.0 was revealed on Soul’s official channel during the house introduction video. The overall cost of Soul Gaming House 2.0 is around $1 Million containing lots of facilities for the creators and streamers.

Final Words

eSports in India has seen exponential growth in the past year after the introduction of PUBG mobile and yet there will be more such exponential growth in eSports especially for PUBG mobile players as the Indian version of PUBG Mobile i.e BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) is going to launch soon.

Since most of the players are looking forward to choosing esports as their career and join some reputable eSports clan. The soul comes first in their mind for joining.

However, frankly speaking, there is very little chance that you will be able to join Soul clan, especially for PUBG mobile as the line-up is already been set and most of the clans are invitational-only. There are lots of other eSports teams apart from Soul where you can try for joining like Fanatic, Orange Rock, Hydra, etc.

Hope the article will help you to clear all your doubts regarding joining soul and gaming house query. If you have any doubt or want to know something more then just comment below. We will help you to clear all your doubts and issues.

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