How to Give Robux to Friends on Roblox in 2023 – Best Method

Do you want to give Robux to Friends on Roblox? But don’t know how to donate Robux to People on iPhone, Android, or any other device? Well here in this article, we have mentioned the best and the easiest method that can help you to send Robux to friends on Roblox along with some how-to earn Robux methods.

Roblox is not strange to crazy gamers. But if you are someone new to this platform you should learn what Roblox is and how the Robux in Roblox works. So let’s begin it then! If you are a long-time gamer using Roblox and know what Roblox is, you can just skip to the ‘How To GIve Robux To Friend’ session of this article.

How to Give Robux to Friends in Roblox - Donate Robux Easily
How to Give Robux to Friends in Roblox

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online community developed by the Roblox Corporation in 2004 and launched in 2006, where users are allowed to create their online video games or play games that are developed by others.

What is Roblox - Complete Roblox Guide
What is Roblox – Complete Roblox Guide

Roblox was not that popular from the beginning, but it got pace in the 2010s and due to this covid 19 pandemic it became much more popular these days. Roblox currently has 170 million+ active users worldwide.

What is Robux in Roblox?

Robux (formerly R$) is the only currency that works in the Roblox universe. Previously there was another currency named Tix, but later it was removed and that made Robux the universal currency of Roblox. The buying and selling of all the items in the avatar shop, including user-created stuff can only be done using Robux.

What is Robux in Roblox - Complete Robux Guide
Robux is a Virtual Currency in Roblox (Credit: Gamehag)

So to put it simply Robux is a virtual currency that acts as real currency on the platform. One can get different passes, and special access to games, and can also donate Robux to friends or others (trade). By receiving this currency, others can use it similarly to you did.

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How to Give Robux to Friends on Roblox – Send Robux Easily

If you are playing Robux for a long time and have accumulated some fortune, you can always help your friend who is not as rich as you in the Roblox world. But there is no direct method to give your friend the Robux. So how can you give the Robux to your friend? You can use the most widely used donation method, to donate the Robux to your friend. 

Players seeking donations usually use a Donation T-shirt to exchange the clothing with Robux in the name of accepting donations. Here’s a small guide to help you with the donating program,

Follow the below steps if you want to give Robux to friends on Roblox:

1) Firstly ensure your friend has a donation clothing time available with him and he has kept it under sale. To make this happen he should have a paid Builders Club account.

2) After your friend has listed it with the specified price, it’s time to search for the product and make it confirm that it is listed in the Catalog.

3) Now login to your Roblox using your credentials. Click on the Avatar Shop option on the top right bar. Type the name of the donation clothing product which your friend added in the search bar, look for the exact product and select it.

Search for Product and Click on Buy Button in Roblox Store
Search for Product and Click on Buy Button in Roblox Store

4) Click the Buy Button, this should ask you whether to complete your payment using Robux or not, press Continue and make the necessary payment.

That’s it you have successfully donated and given the Robux to your friend. Sometimes, the purchase process would get failed due to Robux Server being Down.

If you face any problem or error during the payment, you can always contact the Roblox Support Team (email is recommended). Please make sure that you have a proper internet connection while making the purchase.

Video about How to Give Robux to Friends in Roblox

Watch the above video that will provide you with more proper clarification about how you can send Robux to your friends on Roblox.

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How to Donate Robux to Friends With No Builders Club Account? 

To be honest this is a difficult task, as it involves a third party. What you need to do is ask a group admin to add your friend, and then you have to sell a donation T-shirt or other such, and later ask the group admin to transfer the proceedings to your friend’s account. 

Another way of donating Robux is selling a gaming pass which is trickier as you can’t have most of the money with you. But to donate Robux in Roblox you should own Robux first. So how to get Robux?

5+ Best Ways to Earn Robux in Roblox – Earn Robux for Free

There are lots of methods that can help you to earn Robux for free in Roblox. However, here are some best methods that are practiced by most users out there, and I would recommend them to you.

1) Using Roblox Affiliate Program

Roblox offers an awesome Affiliate program to the users, where one can earn Robux by just referring people to buy specific items through their specific affiliate link. It is the fastest method that you can use to earn free Robux by referring your affiliate link to your friends and making them use Roblox at their end.

2) Creating Your Own Games

Roblox provides tons of tools that can easily help you to develop new games without even knowing the technical things required for developing any games. Create a game of your choice, publish it at Roblox, and for each signup, you will get a fair amount of money.

Create Games in Roblox and Earn Roblox
Create Games in Roblox and Earn Roblox

3) Using Referral Programs

This is usually done by combining the above-mentioned two methods i.e Creating Your Games and Using the Roblox Affiliate Program method. Once you have got the game of your choice, you can promote it to earn Robux. Try promoting the game to your friends and dear ones. 

4) Earning From Online Survey Sites

Survey sites can easily help you to get free Robux by just completing certain tasks, or answering some questions in the survey. Here are some online survey sites you can try out like,,

Earn Roblox through Survey Sites like Grabpoints
Earn Roblox through Survey Sites like Grabpoints

5) Joining Roblox Premium

This will cost you some bucks, but trust me joining Roblox Premium is the best way to earn Robux. So, you got the Robux you need, so how are you gonna donate them to your friends? Without any delay let’s go to the part which you have been looking for.

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How to Give People Robux in Roblox – Related FAQ:

Here are some frequently asked questions by Roblox users regarding how to give Robux to friends topics. I hope it will clear your doubts and queries.

Can I Donate Robux To Friends Outside The Builders Club?

Yes! You can. But you have to go through a third party for this, which is very time-consuming and there is a high chance that the third parties can con you. It’s better to go with a third party who is well known, or else try to find a genuine guy (rare to find).

How to Create a Game Pass in Roblox?

First, go to the create page, and then go to your game, and select the Create Game Pass from the drop-down menu. Now add all the info needed (icon, name, description, etc). Press preview, check it once, and verify upload.

What Things to Remember While Giving Robux to Someone?

Make sure he has a Builders Club Account and his/her item(s) is published and has a proper connection while making the purchase. Also, make sure that you select the appropriate product that belongs to your friend. 

Final Words

Roblox is no doubt getting popular day by day during these lockdown periods and there are plenty of users who don’t know how they can donate the Robux currency to their friends easily. The Robux donating process is not too complicated but still many users face problems while giving the Robux to their friends.

You don’t need to have a Builders Club account to go through all this process and make the payment. You can buy items from your friends by just using the simple steps mentioned above in the ‘How to Give Robux to Friends on Roblox’ section.

If you face any difficulty while donating Robux to your Friends then comment below with the problem you are facing. We will provide you with the correct solution for it ASAP!!!

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