Easiest Trick to Get Weapon Master in PUBG Mobile (2020)

Want to get Weapon Master in PUBG mobile? Then read the entire post which will help you to unlock the Weapon Master title in PUBG mobile more easily.

PUBG mobile is one of the best online multiplayer battle royale game with more than 400+ Million downloads and active 50 Million daily users.

In PUBG mobiles, titles are glorious achievements that you can show to your friends and enemies during a match-making lobby. 

There are Ten different prestigious titles (i.e., Weapon Master, Well-Liked, Chicken Expert, Commando, Sharpshooter, Overachiever, Collector, Maxed Out, Pacifist,  Perseverance).

You can check all those ten titles in your profile screen under the Edit section, and the title would be displayed with your name.

Easiest Trick to Get Weapon Master in PUBG Mobile
Easiest Trick to Get Weapon Master in PUBG Mobile

If you ask me about the Weapon Master title, then I would say that the Weapon Master title is the one of the moderate title to achieve in PUBG mobile.

But by following our easiest way, you can unlock Weapon Master in PUBG mobile more easily.

Before you read the paragraphs below, I would recommend that you must know all the PUBG weapons stats because, for Weapon Master title, you will have to kill enemies with different categories of Weapons.

Requirements for Completing Weapon Master in PUBG mobile:

Firstly, you need your ranking tier in Platinum or above league because the Developer doesn’t want any players to create a new account and play in Bot lobby to achieve the Weapon Master.

You need at least five kills in a single match to unlock Weapon Master in PUBG mobile.

Requirements for Completing Weapon Master
Requirements for Completing Weapon Master

Each kill must be performed with different weapon categories. Here are the kill conditions:

  1. Kill one enemy with Assault Rifle
  2. Kill one enemy with Vehicle
  3. Kill one enemy with Shotgun
  4. Kill one enemy with Sniper Rifle
  5. Kill one enemy with Throwable
  6. Kill one enemy with SMG

Therefore, you must know PUBG weapons stats. 

It might sound hard to complete the achievement, but by following our guide, you can quickly get the Weapon Master in PUBG mobile. 

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Easiest Trick to Get Complete Weapon Master in PUBG mobile:

In every match-making, there are always some offline players in the match who exit the game. Therefore, you can quickly kill them with the required weapons and vehicles.

Try to play the game with the “Erangel” map during late-night (i.e., around 5 am to 6 am) because there will be very few players online at that time, and more bots get loaded with you. Thus, it increases your chance to grab the Weapon Master title more easily. 

When you start landing, mark your location on the map so that while searching for weapons and vehicles, you do not miss the offline player’s position.

During the time you are landing, locate the nearby houses near your location.

First, try to get a weapon such as SMG, Frag Grenade, or Molotov Cocktail (i.e., Throwables) and a vehicle near the road.

SMG, Throwables, and Vehicle missions are more difficult as compared to Assault Rifle, Sniper, and Shotgun kill.

If you do not find SMG, then you can use Shotgun first. In every match, there are 3 to 4 offline players so you can complete your 3 to 4 mission quickly, i.e., kill with SMG or Shotgun, Throwable, and Vehicle.

Kill Offline Players with SMG or Shotgun or Throwable or Vehicle
Kill Offline Players with SMG or Shotgun or Throwable or Vehicle

Do not kill the offline players first once you have the weapons and vehicles because one or more bots will get spawn near the offline players to kill them.

So, you can first kill those bots with the weapons, and once you die, the bots and one offline player with SMG, Throwable, and Vehicle.

Loot those bots crates, and you will get an Assault Rifle or a Sniper Rifle. Next, you can kill those remaining offline players with Assault and Sniper Rifle. Therefore, only one mission will remain, either it would be Shotgun or SMG kill.

Just find the remaining mission weapon, and once you find it, roam in your Vehicle to spawn a bot near you fastly. 

Just remember that most bots will be spawn near you because you are playing around at 5 am to 6 am. Therefore, more bots will load in your lobby.

Once you clear all the mission kills, then you can play the whole match or kill yourself with Throwable. Congrats, now you can get the “Weapon Master” title in PUBG mobile.

Weapon Master Title in PUBG Mobile
Weapon Master Title

If you are playing the game in the Duo or Squad mode with your friends, remember that you knock and finish the enemy with the same weapon.

It makes it easier to unlock the Weapon Master title by playing with your friends because they can grab more loot for you. Just make sure that your Friend does not kill bots or enemies rather than you.

If you do not understand any points or our guide, then you can watch the above video, which explains more efficiently how to get “Weapon Master” in PUBG mobile.


It is not so easy to unlock the Weapon Master achievement, but if you follow our guide, then you can quickly achieve the Weapon Master title in PUBG mobile.

Just make sure that while landing, you first find a vehicle near the roads. So, you do not need to run a long way to houses in search of Weapons.

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