How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile (BGMI) – 8 Best Ways

Are you fascinated with the new weapons skins and royale pass in PUBG mobile? Want to get it but don’t have money to buy UC? Lots of players don’t know how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile.

Yes, you can easily get free UC in PUBG mobile (BGMI) or you can buy free UC. There are lots of methods to get it. So rather than wasting your money, you can get it for free without even spending a single penny.

How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile - Best Tricks
How to Get Unlimited Free UC in PUBG Mobile – Best Tricks

Here are some of the best methods that will help you to get unlimited free UC i.e. Unknown Cash in PUBG mobile and are going to work in every PUBG season: –

1) Play Bonus Challenge

Do you know you can earn free UC in PUBG mobile itself? There is a section called Bonus Challenge where you can earn battle coins and redeem free UC from it at an exchange rate of 1000 Battle coins = 100 UC 

In Bonus Challenge, there are daily challenges rooms with different levels like Novice, Adapt, and Expert with team sizes from solo & squad and maps including Team Deathmatch and Erangel. Just register and start the match. You will earn battle coins in exchange for kills and ranking in the match. If you win the match, you will get more battle coins as compared to other ranking positions.

Play Bonus Challenge to Earn Free UC
Bonus Challenge in Tournament Center

I earned more than 1000 UC myself by playing Bonus Challenge itself. You should try it because the bonus challenge vouchers which are used for registration are currently free. 

How to Get Bonus Challenge Vouchers for Free?

  1. Open PUBG Mobile and Go to the Events section
  2. Go to the Weekly Report located in the Recommended Events section and Tap on GO
  3. You will be redirected to the Weekly Report page. Scroll down and you will find the rewards
  4. Just tap on Collect and the rewards will be sent to your account through the message in the Inbox
Get Free Bonus Challenge Vouchers
Free Bonus Challenge Vouchers in Weekly Events

Every week we can collect 3 bonus challenge vouchers (if you are in the Ace tier) and some other rewards like silver fragments, battle points, etc from the weekly report section. If you don’t have bonus challenge vouchers left then don’t worry you can buy them from the shop for 10 UC or you can buy them from Battle Coins redeem shop for 100 battle coins.

Even you can earn more battle coins from daily challenges apart from the bonus challenge. You can play the daily challenge at any time you want.

Earn more Battle coins by Playing Daily Challenges
Play Daily Challenges to Get More Battle Coins

It has 3 challenges. The first challenge is to Win the Next Squad Match. The second is Win 3 Squad Matches Consecutively and the third challenge is Determine the Plane Course. The more you bet battle coins in the challenge, the more you will earn if you win the challenge.

How to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile from Battle Coins?

Once you collect a minimum of 1000 battle coins then you can exchange them for 100 UC from the battle coins redemption shop. Just go to the Redemption shop in the Bonus Challenge section by tapping on the redeem rewards on the left. You will be redirected to the Redemption shop.

Convert your Battle Coins to Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile
Bonus Challenge Redemption Shop

From the shop, just find the 100 UC Pack and buy it. UC will be sent through a message in the Inbox section. Just collect it from the message and boom you will get free UC in your account. You can collect up to 600 UC in a week if you get sufficient battle coins.

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2) Earn Money from Referring Apps

Some applications give you high-paying money for each successful referral you do. You refer the applications to your friends and for each successful signup, you will get a fixed amount of money in your wallet. This is the fastest way to earn money which you can use to buy free UC in PUBG mobile.

Top 5 Best Referring Apps in 2021:

Here are the Top Referring Apps of 2021 which gives you the most amount of money for each referral with a Minimum Withdrawal amount.

Note: Helo App is currently banned in India. You can try other apps apart from it if you are from India.

App NameReferring AmountMinimum Withdraw
Winzo Gold₹50/Refer₹1
MPL Pro₹75/Refer₹200
PayTM First Games Pro₹30/Refer₹10
Referring Apps

How to Get Free UC By Refer And Earn Apps?

  1. Download the application and complete the registration process. You will get a signup bonus when you complete the registration
  2. After signup, go to the Referral section and copy your unique referral link and send it to your friends
  3. Once your friends download the app from your unique referral link and complete their registration process, you will be credited with a Referring amount in your wallet
  4. The more you share and get a referral, the more amount of money you can earn from these referring apps. There is no limit on the amount of money you can earn from these apps
  5. The above-listed apps have a PayTM withdrawal option which will help you to collect all the money in the same place

3) Buy Prime Plus Subscription and Get UC Free

Prime Plus subscription is a service where you will pay a certain amount of money per month to get UC and other rewards in your account. Every day you will get a certain amount of UC in your account for 1 month until the prime subscription gets over. You can stop the subscription anytime to avoid buying it for the next month.

Buy Prime Plus to Get UC in Cheap Price
Subscriptions in PUBG mobile

You can get UC and additional rewards like Rename Cards, Battle Points, Advanced Room Cards, etc for cheap if you buy the prime plus subscription in PUBG mobile.

It would cost you 850 Rs per month for the Prime Plus subscription and 85 Rs per month for a normal Prime subscription. But here is the twist. You will get a one-time discount of Rs 450 when buying a Prime Plus subscription for the first-time purchase.

Therefore it will only cost you Rs 430 to buy a Prime Plus subscription. You can buy Royale Pass easily from the UC you have got through the Prime Plus subscription and can get additional free UC from the Royale Pass.

Buying Royale Pass is a one-time investment because you will get back your 600 UC if you reach the 100 RP level in the season. So you will get exclusive Royale Pass items for free. Although you have to invest a little bit of money, it is worth it if you get free UC from the Royale Pass.

Also, there is an exclusive purchase section for prime subscription users where you can buy different exclusive outfits and other stuff, etc.

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4) Earn Money from Survey Apps

There are lots of survey applications that pay you when you complete their surveys. Although they pay a little less than download-based apps and referring apps, little penny counts and contributes to big money.

Many survey apps in the market are fake or give less money. Therefore when talking about survey apps, only Google Opinion Rewards and Pollpay comes to our mind.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is the official survey app offered by Google. More than 50 million users have downloaded the app and are earning from it. You will just have to answer a few questions in a survey and return you will get free credits in your wallet. You can use these credits to purchase free UC on PUBG mobile.

Earn Real Cash using Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

2) Poll Pay

Poll Pay is another genuine app in the market with 1 million users. It offers surveys and other tasks that you can do to earn credits. The only downside of using the Poll Pay app is that you must have a Paypal account to earn the credit and then buy UC from the Paypal money.

Use Poll Pay to Get Money for Free
Poll Pay

5) Play Online Tournaments

Take part in online PUBG mobile tournaments to win Free UC and other winning prizes if you win the tournament. There are lots of creators who organize online tournaments. Just register with your Team in the tournament by paying the registration fees.

Get UC for Free in Online PUBG Mobile Tournaments
Participate in Tournaments {Source: YouTube}

The Room id and password will be broadcast in the groups or the live chat during the match days. Just try to win the tournament to get amazing winning rewards like Money, UC, etc.

You can try the Rheo app which is an Indian live streaming application where you can engage with streamers, participate in tournaments & giveaways, etc.

Buy Free UC in PUBG mobile by Using Rheo Application
Rheo App Store

You will also earn Rheo coins by watching content and engaging with it. These coins can be used to buy UC for Free in PUBG mobile. But it will take time to buy UC from the Rheo app. It would take around a month to earn 60 UC for free. 

6) Earn Money from Install and Earn Apps

You can earn extra money by using install and earn apps. In install and earn apps, you will just need to download some offer apps and the earning app will give you money in return for it.

Earn Money by Installing Apps through Cashboss

You can try the Cashboss app which pays you when you download some offer apps from it. Even it provides surveys, referral sections, and many other ways in which you can try to earn some extra money to buy UC in the future.

7) Take Part in Free UC Giveaways

You can try participating in Free UCs giveaways which are organized by various content creators on YouTube or other streaming platforms. Although this trick is a little bit disappointing because it is a luck-based trick. But you must give it a try because no one knows the future. There is no loss for you if you participate in the giveaways.

How to Participate in Free UC Giveaways?

  1. Just search on Youtube about PUBG mobile Free UC Giveaway and you will get plenty of streamers you will be organizing giveaways at that time
  2. Follow their UC Giveaway participation rules. Every streamer has its own rule for participation. Mostly they tell you to comment, subscribe and follow them on social platforms like Instagram, Discord, etc
  3. Just perform all the tasks to enter the Giveaway contest. Just note to enter your game id in the comment
  4. To check the Giveaway result, you can check their social account or Youtube next video for the winner announcement

8) Discount Coupons in Play Store

Google provides free discount coupons for selected users to spend on their favorite games. Recently, they offered Rs 200 and Rs 75 Off discount coupons which you can use to buy UC in PUBG mobile.

Here is the secret. If you have more than 1 Google account, you can try login into all other ids to see if discount coupons are available in those ids too, or not. In case you have coupons available then you can buy UC at a cheap price.

Get Free Discount Coupons for PUBG mobile
Google Play Store Discount Coupons

My friend Karan had bought a royale pass worth Rs 800 for free by using this trick. He used Rs 75 discount coupons to buy 60 UC and followed the same steps using different Google accounts. The total cost for him to buy a royale pass was just Rs 50 i.e. he bought 800 UC worth royale pass in just 50rs.

Follow the below steps to purchase UC at a cheap price:

  1. Open Play Store and go to the Notifications section
  2. Check if you have discount coupons in your Google Play Store account or not
  3. If coupons are available then tap on the Claim button to activate the offer
  4. Now open your PUBG mobile and go to the UC purchase section
  5. Purchase the UC according to discount coupons offered i.e. if you have a 75 Rs discount coupon then you can buy 60 UC and the offer will be applied automatically
  6. Enjoy your PUBG mobile Free UC

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Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile – Related FAQ:

These are some frequently asked questions by visitors regarding PUBG Mobile Free UC. So, here are quick answers for it.

What is UC in PUBG Mobile?

UC stands for Unknown Cash in PUBG mobile. It is the in-game currency by which you can buy different outfits, royale pass, premium items, etc in the game. Currently, it costs 80rs for 60 UC.

How to Get PUBG Mobile Free UC?

There are many ways to earn free UC in PUBG mobile like using referral apps, installing and earning apps, survey apps, etc to earn real cash and then purchase UC from it. There are some other methods like using the Rheo app, participating in UC giveaways, and playing live tournaments to get free UC in PUBG mobile.

Is Rheo App Safe?

It is entirely safe to use the Rheo app to get free UC in PUBG mobile. It is rated 4.5 stars on Google Play Store and has more than 1 million downloads.

Is There Any PUBG Mobile UC Hack?

The straightaway answer for it is No. It is not possible to hack PUBG mobile UC. Although there are certain illegal methods like Carding, etc by which you can buy Free UC but it is completely illegal and you will have to face legal action if you get caught while trying it. My suggestion is to never follow such illegal methods or to be ready to face the legal consequences if you get caught while buying UC from Carding method.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to get free UC in PUBG mobile but it would take some time. The fastest way to purchase UC for free is by using Referral apps. Just refer your friends and earn real cash. Use it to buy UC for free or save it in your wallet.

If you have any other methods to buy UC for free then comment below. I will add that method if it is legit. Share the post with your other PUBG mobile friends to help them earn free UC.

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