How to Get Free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile – 5 Best Ways

Do you want to change your player name but don’t have any rename card for it. Want to get free rename card in PUBG mobile? Then read the article to get detailed information about rename cards in PUBG mobile and how to get them for free.

Many players make a mistake while playing PUBG mobile for the first time. They put any name for the player and then after setting the name, they regret it in the future. If you are planning to start playing PUBG mobile then I highly recommend you to first think of a unique player name.

Although PUBG has given us a rename card feature that we can use to change the player name in the future, it will cost you money to buy it from the in-game shop.

So you should select such a player name that you do not need to change in the future. But as I mentioned you can get it for free in PUBG mobile itself.

Get Rename Card for Free in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Rename Card

You don’t need to visit any external websites or apps to get it. Just follow the below methods which can help you to get free rename card in the game.

1. Play Crew Challenges

With the introduction of the new crew challenge feature, the player can now easily play crew tournaments held in special rooms and can earn crew points. You can buy amazing stuff like rename cards, mythic outfits, legendary gun skins, etc by using the crew points.

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge Mode
PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge

So by playing crew challenges itself, you can easily get unlimited rename cards for free in pubg mobile. All you have to do is to get a good position ranking in the matches or try having the highest kills in the challenges to earn good crew points.

Even you can collect 30 crew points per week every time for free until 7 weeks from the crew verification section. You can easily get the rename card in exchange for 200 crew points.

get free rename card in PUBG mobile
Get Free Rename Card from Crew Shop

How to Buy a Free Rename Card from Crew Points?

  1. Once you collect 200 crew points, go to the Crew section
  2. Tap on the Crew Shop located at the right sidebar
  3. Swipe complete down in the shop items and you will find rename card
  4. Tap on the rename card and buy it in exchange for 200 crew points
  5. Hurray! Your free rename card will be sent in the game inventory

2. Buy Rename Card using Free UC

Did you know you can get free UC in PUBG mobile? No need to install any apps or complete any surveys for it and did I mention that you can earn unlimited UC from the game itself.

Well, there is a challenge mode named “Bonus Challenge” which you can play to earn free UC in the game. No cheap purchase, it will be completely free.

All you have to do is to play bonus challenge matches using the free bonus vouchers which you can collect from the weekly report in the event section. Just play bonus matches and win some rounds to get bonus points.

Collect Free Bonus Challenge Vouchers from Weekly Report
Collect Free Bonus Vouchers Weekly

You can buy free UC in exchange for those bonus points from the bonus challenge redemption center. It takes 1000 bonus points for 100 UC. Just collect bonus points, the more you collect, the more you can earn UC in the game.

Once you collect sufficient bonus points, go to the redemption center in the bonus challenge mode and click on UC packs to purchase it. On successfully purchasing, free UC will be credited in your game which you can collect from the inbox section.

Get Free UC from Battle Shop
Buy Free UC from Bonus Challenge Battle Shop

Use these free UC to purchase anything from the game rather it be a rename card, or royal pass, etc. Some might say that we can collect only 600 UC from the bonus challenge. This is a completely wrong myth because after some weeks, the bonus challenge mode will get reset and then you can collect more UC from the redemption shop.

Currently, bonus challenge is locked in the newer version 1.0 of PUBG mobile but it will be back soon after some weeks.

In case if you want to earn more free UC then do not forget to read our post which helps you to get free UC in PUBG mobile.

3. Complete Progress Missions (Level 10)

If you have recently started playing PUBG mobile and want to change your player name then you still have a chance to get a free rename card in your inventory.

Just play the game regularly until you reach Level 10 in the progress missions. Once, you reach Level 10 you will get a free rename card as a reward for reaching it. Just collect it when you complete the Level 10 mission.

Get Free Rename Card by Completing Progress Missions
Complete Progress Mission

To check whether you have got the rename card or not just go in your inventory and swipe down below the coupons section. You will find a rename card over there. In case you do not find it then make sure that you have collected it from the progress mission section.

So, you can save the rename card for the future or you can change it to your current preferable username in your mind. Just note that you will not get any rename card in the future from completing the missions.

There is only 1 rename card in the mission section which you can get as a reward for completing it on Level 10. So be careful with using it.

4. Collect Return User Rewards to Get Free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile

You can earn a rename card for free without even playing the game. All you have to do is to stop playing pubg for 15 days because, after 15 days pubg mobile itself gives exciting rewards to returning users.

There are various items in rewards like outfits, gun skins, and the main rename card, etc which you can get for free.

Complete return user missions to earn free rename card
Return User Rewards

For return user rewards, you just need to complete some return missions as a warmup in the game. For each return mission you complete, you will get activity points. Just collect 400 activity points and you will get a rename card as a reward in the game.

5. Buy Prime Plus (Not Free, But Cheap)

This method is not Free but you will only have to pay a little bit of money (i.e Rs 430) for the prime plus subscription. You will get 600 UC for cheap with additional free rewards like rename cards, classic coupons, battle points, advance room cards, etc.

Buy Prime Plus to collect free rename card in PUBG mobile
Purchase Prime Plus Subscription

Just open your PUBG mobile game and go to the subscription section. You will find 2 subscription offers over there (Prime and Prime Plus).

Now you might think that how can we buy the Rs 730 prime plus subscription for just Rs 430. Well, there is an offer by Google Play which gives discounts when you buy your first subscription service (i.e Prime Plus in our case).

So you can buy the prime plus subscription which originally costs 730 Rs for only Rs 430. With cheap UC, you will get free rename cards with additional rewards in your game account.

Get Free Rename Card in PUBG Mobile – Related FAQ:

There are lots of questions that most of the PUBG players ask us or search on the web. So, here are some quick answers by us.

What is a Rename Card in PUBG mobile?

Rename cards help to change our player name in PUBG mobile. You can use it to change your character name any time whenever you want in the future. It cost UC to purchase it but still, you can get it for free

Can We Earn Another Rename Card in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, you can get another rename card in the future. Just follow our methods to get not another but unlimited rename card in the game.

How to Get Another Rename Card in PUBG mobile?

There are lots of methods like return user rewards, purchasing through free UC, playing crew challenges, completing progress missions, etc which can help you to get rename card for free in PUBG mobile.

Final Words

It is possible to get free rename card in PUBG mobile whenever you want it in the future. PUBG mobile had itself given us lots of methods to earn the rename card for free.

I wish that you earn your free rename card soon by using the above methods. If you think I have missed any methods or something is wrong in the post then feel free to comment below. Do not forget to share the article with your other friends who play PUBG mobile and want to get a rename card.

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