8+ Best Methods to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire – FF Emotes

Free Fire isn’t just a game, it’s been a part of life for many people these days. Especially with the ban of PUBG in India, many Indian players shifted to Free Fire, and it soon became one of the most downloaded games.

Like most of the games, Garena Free Fire does offer skins, emotes, diamonds, and many more. One such reward is Emotes and getting Free Fire Emotes has always been a difficult task for many, as it will cost you diamonds. And getting diamonds in free fire is not as easy as you think. If you need some emotes that too for free, here’s what you can do!

How to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire FF Emotes Unlocker
How to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire

But, before getting into that, you should understand what these emotes are and how they are helpful, or why they might be important. So, here we go.

What Exactly are Emotes in Garena Free Fire?

As said above Free fire is one of the best-known games till date. And you may have heard about emotes in Free Fire. So, what are these emotes? Let’s look at it.

Emotes are the ways that players use to get in contact with their teammates or these can also be used to make fun of the opposite team or to enjoy their own team’s victory. Whatever may be the case, using free fire emotes is just full of fun.

There is a huge gallery of emotes available in the free fire. At present there are around 60 emotes available among which you can get only 17 from the store.

To put it simply, Emotes are just like the sign language of Free Fire, by which players communicate with each other via body language and actions.

Importance of Using Free Fire Emotes

Each game has its specific features. Likewise, Free Fire is well-known for its eye-catching emotes. Emotes allow players to communicate with each other while playing the game, whether they are on their team or the other squad.

Legendary emotes are used by wealthy gamers to display their enormous fortune. Although there are numerous emotes in free fire, using them does not affect your gameplay because your ability is vital when playing free fire. Emotes are mostly used in the game to demonstrate how wealthy you are.

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Some Existing Free Fire Emotes Names with Popularity

As we have mentioned there are around 60 emotes in Free Fire, here’s a list of some of the best Garena Free Fire Emotes along with their popularity: –

Sr NoFree Fire Emotes Name
2Bring It On!
3Why? Oh, Why?
4Fancy Hands
7FFWC Throne
8Soul Shaking
9I’m Rich
10Shake It Up
11Devil’s Move
12Captain Booyah
Some Garena Free Fire Emotes

Every emote has its significance and meaning, it’s up to you how you’re gonna use it and when! However, the most popular emotes used are Tea Time, Eat My Dust, and Flowers Of Love. I like to use Tea Time more, why I mean come on who doesn’t like Tea.

How to Get Free Emotes in Free Fire – Best Methods

There are tons of methods that you can use to get free emotes in Free Fire. Some of them would help you to instantly unlock emotes whereas some methods require time but will surely give you free emotes. Below are some of the methods to get Free Fire emotes for free: –

  1. Free Fire Emotes Redeem Codes
  2. Get Emotes Through Special Airdrops in Free Fire
  3. Unlock Free Fire Advance Server to Get Free Emotes Bundle
  4. Use VPN Tricks to Get Emotes for Free
  5. Redeem Free Emotes Through Emote Royal
  6. Buy Elite Pass to Get Emotes Rewards
  7. Unlock Emotes Through FFEmotes App
  8. Free Fire Emotes Unlock Tool

Let’s see each step in detail and how you can get free emotes in Free Fire using the methods mentioned above.

1) Free Fire Emotes Redeem Codes

This is the easiest way you can use to get free emotes in free fire. Using Free Fire emotes codes which are available in free fire you can be benefited from emotes for a long period. As these codes are available very easily they can be used by anyone.

Below are a few steps which will enable you to unlock free emotes using Free Fire Emote Redeem Codes: –

  1. Reboot your smartphone. Alternatively, you can clear all programs that are running in the background.
  2. Go to settings, then Manage applications, then search for and choose Free Fire.
  3. Clear data will be shown on the left side of your smartphone’s screen. Simply click on it.
  4. Now navigate to any browser and type “FF redemption” into the search bar. Then, sign in with the same account that you wish to use to acquire free emotes.
  5. Copy any of the preceding codes and paste them into the FF redemption site’s popup form.
  6. To earn a free emote, open your free fire game, click on the mailbox icon, and claim all received mail.

2) Get Emotes Through Special Airdrops in Free Fire

Airdrops give you many rewards, and you can use these rewards to equip emotes (especially diamonds). Usually experienced players use these airdrops to get emotes, but on the other hand, new players don’t know how to use this.

Open Special Airdrop to Get FF Emotes
Open Special Airdrop to Get FF Emotes

If you are a newbie or pro we have summarized how to use airdrops and get emotes. Here’s what to do: –

Firstly, uninstall Free Fire from your mobile, and install it again (don’t forget to check that cache is removed from your device, if not ), now start playing classic mode games in Free Fire this will increase your chance of getting special airdrops. The only thing you need to keep in mind is this will take you about 1 to 2 months to get the needed airdrop.

We know this is time-consuming but it’s one of the best and most legit ways of getting emotes in Free Fire. You can get 2 to 3 emotes at a time from a single special airdrop.

3) Unlock Free Fire Advance Server to Get FF Emotes Bundle

It is possible to get whatever you want in free fire by using the advance server. Unlocking the advance server will help you get free items at the cost of just one diamond. That is, within only 50 to 60 diamonds you can enjoy all the free items of the game.

What you wanna do is just find out the mistakes or crash in-game and make them reach the Garena Free Fire team. What the team does is they will look over the issues and the very next moment they will send five hundred diamonds to your account. But you can’t benefit from this if you are a new player. This is very much beneficial for old players and the best way to get rewards as well as unlock diamonds.

4) Use VPN Tricks to Get Emotes for Free

To get emotes for free you can use VPN. But you can use this method on your main account; this is applicable only for a guest account. So to get free emotes using this way you need to create a guest account first with the help of some VPN apps.

VPN is easily available on the internet and play store. This may seem to be a bit harder but don’t lose without trying. This will provide you with free emotes.

5) Redeem Free Emotes Through Emote Royal

Emote Royal is an Event in Free Fire which is some sort of lucky spin type! You can get about 5 to 10 emotes at a time by taking part in this lucky spin event.

All you need to do is, start your game, go to the store and select the Emote Royal option. Now you should get a voucher to take part in the event, claim this one and start testing your luck by taking part in the lucky spin.

Spin Emotes Wheel in Free Fire
Spin Emotes Wheel in Free Fire

The sole disadvantage of this strategy is that it is presently only available to Indonesian server players. So, to get this you need to play via the Indonesian server using a different account, and later shift the emotes won to your actual ID. This can be easily done by installing a VPN and changing your server to Indonesia in the VPN itself.

Open Spin to Get Free Fire Emotes for Free
Open Spin to Get Free Fire Emotes for Free

6) Buy Elite Pass to Get Emotes Rewards

To get various items into your account this way may prove better. What you want to do is just unlock the elite pass. How to do this? You may get the elite pass with the help of these two methods listed below.

Earn Some Free Diamonds: You can earn free diamonds by watching ads or you can even gather the diamonds in the lobby. Many players try to use diamond hack generators in Free Fire, but believe me, you should not try to use the hack as it may result in a violation and you may lose your Free Fire account forever.

Make Use of Special Airdrops: To purchase an elite pass special airdrops are the best way which you can get at a very less price, that is, nearly 10 rupees. But only old users or players are going to benefit from this. For new players to use this they need to wait for 3 months. You can get an elite pass by using special airdrops for just 20 rupees.

7) Unlock the Emotes via FFEmotes App

FFEmotes is an app specially made for people who need emotes. The name FFEmotes itself suggests that it’s for Free Fire Emotes solely. So, how is this going to help you in getting emotes? Here’s how,

This app will have some basic and easy tasks to perform, which would be done by users. After completing the tasks given users will get the in-app currency termed gems. 

Download FFEmotes App to Unlock All Free Fire Emotes for Free
Download FFEmotes App to Unlock All Free Fire Emotes for Free

These gems can be exchanged with the emotes in the app itself, and you can get these emotes into your Free Fire account.

For this, you just need to download and install the FFEmotes app, and then create an account to log in. After this go through the tasks list to complete them and earn gems, later you can exchange them with emotes for free.

8) Free Fire Emotes Unlock Tool

Emote Unlock tools like FFskin, iMotes, EmotesFF PRO is just simple android apps that will help you get Emotes for free in Free Fire. These tools are designed in such a way that getting emotes with the help of them is pretty easy.

Follow the below steps to unlock emotes in Free Fire through the FF Emotes Unlocker tool:

1) Download the app and create an account with them. Later, put your Free Fire Character ID in the relevant box and remember to save it!

2) Now go to the list of emotes and select the emote you need. Tap on OK, or Add to Your FF (this will change as per the app’s interface).

3) That’s it, check your free fire account, and must have got the emotes you selected.

Note: This is only working for the latest version of FF and there is no guarantee that how long this might work.

Get All Emotes in Free Fire for Free Trick

How to Set or Equip Emotes in Garena Free Fire?

You can get emotes through the stores, elite passes, or from several events as well. The maximum number of emotes you can use is 6 because there are only 6 empty slots available for them.

Follow the steps mentioned below to equip your emotes in the Free Fire: –

  1. Install the free fire app on your phone or PC. Tap on the “Collection tab” on the top left of your main screen.
  2. You can choose the “emotes” option there at the second last.
  3. Select any emote from the menu and tap “Equip” to use it.

It’s now possible to use the emote on your battlefield once you’ve equipped it. You may use them to troll your opponents or communicate with others.

Get Free Fire Emotes for Free – Related FAQs

Here are a few FAQs that most of the users have asked over the internet. We thought these might help you and listed those here.

Can We Get Free Fire Emotes for Free?

Yes, there are several methods through which you can get these emotes for free. A few of them are, Using redeems codes, servers to unlock, unlock through airdrops, and with elite pass tricks.

Is Free Fire Emotes Hack Real?

Yes, every method mentioned above is for real. Along with these, you can complete surveys, use advance servers to unlock emotes.

Does FF Emotes Generators Work?

Yes, many of the FF Emotes generators work free for Android phones and tablets. But you should not try to use it as there have been cases where players have lost their accounts because of using Free Fire hacks scripts.

How to Buy Free Fire Emotes?

One of the easiest methods is to earn diamonds while playing and winning battles. Make sure you test the emotes before buying them and read their short descriptions.

Are There Any Free Fire Emotes in Real Life?

Yes, there are up to six types of free-fire emotes in real life. We will be covering those in the upcoming article about Free Fire Emotes in Real Life.

Is Free Fire Emotes Apk Mod Safe?

No, you always need to be careful while going for it because free fire games recognize hacks in a fraction of seconds. As a result, it may lead you to lose your account with all your achievements in the game.

Are There Any Free Fire Emotes Config Files?

Yes, there are many free-fire emotes config files in real life, and using them is completely legal as it does not interfere with any illegal acts in the game. Config files act as a small bug that is made for the players to excel in their game.

When Will Free Fire Emotes Event Come?

The last event was started on October 27, 2021, and lasted till November 2, 2021. You can keep yourself updated with new events by joining servers meant for revealing events and free emotes.

Final Words

That ends this post, hope that all methods mentioned will help you get Free Fire emotes that you always wanted.

All the methods mentioned above are legit to use, please make sure that you have a proper internet connection while performing these things. Some methods require money and diamonds, so be wise while implementing them (do not waste money).

Share the article with your Free Fire friends and help them to redeem free emotes in Free Fire. Have any doubts about any method, comment below your issue and we will try to help you out.

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