How to Fix PUBG Servers are too Busy Error – 11+ Best Ways

Dealing with servers busy errors in PUBG? Then read the complete article which will help you to fix PUBG servers are too busy errors with the 11 best ways.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds or PUBG is currently one of the most famous multiplayer battle-royale PC games. While you are reading this article, Millions of users right now are playing the game in real-time.

Recently, PUBG rolls out a big update after which many players report a common issue that they are facing i.e. servers are too busy please try again error when logging in to the game or while starting the match.

What are Servers are Too Busy Please Try Again Later Error in PUBG?

The statement itself clarifies that the PUBG main servers are too busy during that particular time. But in some cases, there might be some other issues that create the server busy error. 

Fix PUBG Servers are too Busy Please Try Again Later Error
PUBG Servers are too Busy, Please Try Again Later Error

PUBG has a huge base of players playing at the same time, but due to limited servers most of the players cannot match up on a single server and thus they get Servers too busy error. After analyzing lots of forums and websites, we summed up the 11 best methods which are effective to fix Servers are too busy errors in PUBG.

11 Best Ways to Fix PUBG Servers are Too Busy Error

So here are the methods which will help you to fix PUBG servers are too busy errors. Implement each method and I guarantee these methods will help you to fix PUBG servers are too busy errors.

  1. Power-Cycling or Resetting your Modem
  2. Check Whether Servers are Under Maintenance
  3. Disabling Proxy Settings
  4. Disable P2P Clients and File Sharing Softwares
  5. Turn Off the Firewall
  6. Disable Our Antivirus
  7. Turn Off the VPN
  8. Change your Server Location
  9. Reset your DNS Configuration
  10. Change IP Configuration
  11. Disable Incompatible Applications

Let’s see all the methods in detail and how you can implement them in your system.

1. Power-Cycling or Resetting your Modem

Turning Modem off and then turning it back on might help to fix the connectivity error if created by a poor connection. You can also try resetting your Modem by touching the tiny reset hole situated at the back of the Modem.

Touch the Reset Hole with Sharp Material
Reset Hole in Modem

It will completely reset your Modem and you will have to configure it once again like Setting up the WiFi passwords, etc. If you don’t want to reset your Modem then just power cycle your modem and try resettings your DNS configuration and IP configuration explained in the methods below.

2. Check Whether Servers are Under Maintenance

If you are playing PUBG for a long time then you might know that a lot of minor or major updates roll out frequently to fix critical bugs and new features in the game.

The Developer usually puts the server under maintenance to push out the updates. So if you are trying to play during the maintenance time then you will get the prompt saying server under maintenance or sometimes servers are too busy please try again later error.

You can connect with the Official PUBG Twitter Account or Reddit Account to know when maintenance will roll out or to get future updates and features glimpse. Therefore you need to wait until the PUBG maintenance time ends completely and after it gets complete, just update your game before trying to play it.

3. Disabling Proxy Settings

If you have enabled the Proxy settings in your system then it might cause some internet delay in connectivity. Hence, slowing your Internet speed is not a good speed to connect with the PUBG server.

Just Disable your Proxy settings to get stable connectivity. If you don’t know how to disable your Proxy server on your PC then follow the below steps to turn off it: Press the “Windows” key on your keyboard and then type in “Proxy” in the Windows Search section.

Open your Proxy Settings
Type Proxy in Search Box

You will see the “Change Proxy Settings” option in the search result. Just open it by clicking on it (In case you do not find it then search the complete phrase “Change Proxy Settings” exactly).

Once the Proxy Settings dialog box opens up, just disable the Automatic Detect Settings in the Automatic Proxy Setup. In case you manually set up the proxy server then just turn off the Use Proxy Server in Manual Proxy Setup

Disabling Proxy Settings helps to Fix Server Errors in PUBG
Disabling Proxy Settings

Save your Settings and restart your PUBG game. Try reconnecting back once again to see whether the server issue is fixed.

4. Disable P2P Clients and File Sharing Softwares

Peer to Peer client software’s like voice chat applications etc consumes large amounts of bandwidth and thus less bandwidth is available for other resources like PUBG and Steam.

This leads to a slow connection problem and therefore sometimes we get the server error in PUBG. Disable or Turn off those P2P clients’ software to save more bandwidth for other resources. File-sharing software like torrents downloader, etc may create problems with steam connections. Make sure you turn off those applications while playing PUBG on your pc to avoid any server connection errors.

5. Turn Off Firewall for Steam and PUBG

In some cases, the Firewall is one of the problems which blocks the game from connecting with the main network server.

Although Firewall is useful for security and must be set to always ON but for playing the game, you can disable firewalls for Steam and PUBG applications specifically, and then after you finish playing it, set it back to On to enable the firewall for both the application.

You can turn off the complete Firewall or you can just bypass applications from Firewall. Just turn on the Firewall once you finish playing the game.

To turn off the Firewall on Windows PC, follow the below steps:

  1. In the Windows Search tool, type “Firewall and Network Protection” and open it. In the Firewall and Network Protection dialog box, click on the “Allow app through Firewall”
  2. Click on “Change Settings” in the Allowed apps and Features section
  3. Search for the Steam app and uncheck the Private and Public Firewall for it.
  4. Similarly, for PUBG, uncheck the both Private and Public Firewall. Save it by pressing the OK button

If you are on Mac then follow the below steps:

  1. Go to System Preferences and click on System and Security. Click on the Firewall tab situated next to FileVault
  2. Click on the Lock icon situated at the bottom right corner and enter the administration password to make changes in the Firewall settings
  3. Lastly, click on the “Turn Off Firewall” to disable your Firewall and after playing set it back to On by clicking the same button
Turn Off the Firewall in MacOS
Disable Firewall in Mac OS

You have successfully turned off the Firewall for Steam and PUBG. Try starting PUBG again and see if the problem still occurs or not. If it does not help then don’t worry there are more solutions.

6. Disable your Antivirus

Some aggressive antivirus like Avast, AVG, Norton, etc sometimes blocks the steam client from receiving the updates or prevent the Steam server from connecting with your PC. Thus, blocking up any latest update is available to download on your PC.

Just Disable the Antivirus and Restart your Steam engine. If you are worried about if any malware or virus attacks your PC then just enable the Windows Defender. 

Disable your Antivirus Before Starting PUBG
Turn Off your Antivirus

It is pre-installed on your PC and not as aggressive as Avast, Norton, etc. Hence, it helps to block malware and viruses even if your main anti-virus software is turned off.

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7. Turn Off the VPN

Are you using a VPN like NordVPN, etc to mask your IP address or trying to connect with foreign servers in PUBG? In some cases, VPN blocks the steam client from connecting with the main network.

Some VPNs also interfere with the PUBG server connectivity. Hence, you must turn off your VPN before trying again to reconnect with the main server to eliminate any VPN connectivity issues.

8. Change your Server Location

Sometimes due to overloading in the local server. You may get a “Servers are too busy” error. It usually happens when the server is not capable of handling a huge response at the same time.

If it is the local server problem you are trying to connect then just change your server location to the nearby available servers to bypass the server issue. Just you have to make sure that you have speedy internet connectivity for playing PUBG on different servers, else the Ping issue might conflict during gameplay.

Change your Match-Making System in PUBG
Change to Nearest Server to Fix PUBG Server Error

To change your Server location, follow the below instructions:

  1. Start your PUBG game and if you get the “Servers are too busy” error then first try reconnecting again
  2. In case it does not work then click on the “Globe” icon situated at the bottom right corner
  3. It will list you complete PUBG servers you can try to connect to. Just choose a server located near to your present local server location to reduce some Ping issue
  4. Click on the nearby server and see if your PUBG server busy issue is fixed or not.

If the servers are under maintenance, then you will mostly get the “Servers are too busy” error. You need to check out the PUBG Official Twitter account to see if any ongoing maintenance is going on or not.

9. Reset your DNS Configuration

Lots of DNS configuration gets set up on your PC and sometimes some DNS configuration may get corrupt resulting in poor stable connectivity.

For games like PUBG, it requires a stable internet connection to play it. Therefore you must remove all the DNS corrupted configurations by resetting your DNS config.

To reset your DNS configuration, follow the below steps:

1) Press the “Windows” key from your keyboard and type “cmd” in the search tool

2) Once you find cmd, right-click on it and click on “Run as administration” and run it

3) Type “ipconfig /flushdns” to flush all the DNS cache

Flush the DNS Cache in Command Prompt
Type ipconfig /flushdns in Command Prompt

4) Now, Type “netsh int ipv4 reset” to reset the ipv4 settings

Reset the ipv4 Settings in Command Prompt
Type netsh int ipv4 reset

5) Now, Type “netsh int ipv6 reset” to reset the ipv6 settings

Reset ipv6 Settings in Command Prompt
Type netsh int ipv6 reset

6) Type “netsh Winsock reset” to reset the Winsock

Reset your Winsock in Command Prompt
Type netsh winsock reset in Command Prompt

7) Type “ipconfig /registerdns” to register a new DNS record

Register New DNS in Command Prompt
Type ipconfig /registerdns in CMD

8) All done. Restart your PC. You have successfully reset the DNS configuration

After you reset the DNS configuration, try starting pubg and see if the problem still occurs or not. In case the problem persists, there are more methods to try below.

10. Change your IP Configuration

Sometimes wrong IP configuration leads the player to get Servers are too busy errors. So changing the IP configuration might help you to fix the PUBG error.

To change your IP configuration, follow the below steps:

1) Open the Run dialog box by pressing the “Windows + R” key from your keyboard

2) Type ncpa. cpl and press enter to open the Network adapter dialog box

Open Network Adapter with NCPA Command
Type ncpa.cpl to Open Network Adapter

3) Right-click on your WiFi or Ethernet Connected adapter and click on “Properties”

Open your Wireless Adapter Properties
Open the Wi-Fi Adapter Properties

4) In the Properties section, uncheck the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/iPv6) and check the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/iPv4)

Setup your Internet Protocol to Reduce Server Problems in PUBG
Configure Internet Protocol Version 6

5) Save it. That’s all. You have successfully changed your IP configuration which might help to fix the PUBG server’s busy error.

11. Disable Incompatible Applications

Steam is not compatible with some applications running in the background simultaneously. It can create connection issues for Steam.

Softwares like Download Accelerator Managers, IP Blocking programs, etc are some software that is incompatible with Steam. Here is the list of software that is incompatible with Steam.

Turn Off all Incompatible Softwares with Steam
Disable all Incompatible Software with Steam

Follow the below steps to disable the incompatible software through Task Manager:

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing “CTRL+SHIFT+ESC” from Keyboard
  2. Go to the “Startup” section, and see if there is some software’s which are incompatible with Steam
  3. If yes, then select the application and then click “Disable” to stop the application from starting every time after boot.

Final Words

It is annoying when you want to play PUBG badly and you get servers are too busy, please try again error. It happened to me a lot but I found some of the above methods which helps me to fix the error easily.

Just keep in mind to check whether it’s a maintenance day or not from their Official PUBG Twitter account. In case it is not a maintenance day and you still get a server busy error then I hope following our above guide might help you to fix it without any problem.

If you are stuck up in any method or don’t understand any points then you can comment below. I will try to give you the solution asap.

If you have some other methods which help to fix PUBG servers are too busy error then ping me in the comment section. I will add it if it is valuable with proper credits. Share the post with your friends to help them to fix the server error in PUBG.

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