How to Get Hayato Character in Free Fire for Free – 2023

Are you a fan of Hayato’s character? Want to get Hayato character in Free Fire for free? This article contains complete information regarding the Hayato character and how you can get the Hayato character for free.

After PUBG, Free Fire is perhaps the most popular game. Following the surprise ban of PUBG by the Indian government, the demand for Garena Free Fire has hit an all-time high. And Garena Free Fire is currently one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS smartphones!

With its appealing characters, as well as skins, and customizations, Free Fire draws a large number of players and tempts them to play the game. New characters, cars, weaponry, and other items are constantly introduced to the game by the creators.

But how does one obtain these characteristics, particularly those of a character? As we all know, to obtain the desired characters in any game, we must spend a specific amount (diamonds in free fire), and the same is true for obtaining Hayato, a new firebrand character released on July 29th, 2020.

How to Get Hayato Character in Free Fire for Free
How to Get Hayato Character in Free Fire for Free

So, who exactly is Hayato? What are his skills? Is having the Hayato character in your Free Fire game truly worth it? To help you better understand these questions, we’ll go through everything Hayato-related here. If you’re searching for the same, you’ve arrived at the right place!

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What is Hayato Character in Free Fire?

Following the OB23 release, Free Fire introduced the second awakened character, Hayato, as part of their timely update. Hayato is a famous samurai with two-character sets, The Blazing Wolf and Fist of Flame. Garena has published an awakened character for the second time, with Kelly being the first.

What is Hayato Character in Free Fire
What is Hayato Character in Free Fire

Hayato is a highly desirable character in Free Fire because of his skill – ‘Bushido.’ This particular ability decreases any initial damage he receives. It blocks 35% of overall damage for 6 seconds at level 1, with a recovery time of 50 seconds. The ability to fight or use any weapon will be hindered. And keep in mind that after you fire, Elite Hayato becomes highly susceptible, else his skill would be overwhelming.

How to Get Hayato Character in Free Fire – Step by Step Guide

Hayato is not free, and gamers must purchase him via free fire’s in-game store. The character will cost users 8000 gold/499 diamonds to obtain. Here’s how you can get Hayato character in Free Fire,

Step 1) On the left side of the main menu, click the store symbol and Select the ‘Character’ tab.

Step 2) Find Hayato by scrolling down and clicking on the “Buy Now” button.

Step 3) Finish the transaction process using in-game money i.e. through Gold or Diamonds.

Step 4) After completing the purchase, you will be able to equip Hayato from the ‘Character’ area and you have successfully purchased Hayato character in Free Fire.

How to Get Hayato Character in Free Fire for Free?

Getting Hayato for free might seem impossible, but we have a trick for you! As you require diamonds for buying the character, you can get those diamonds for free!

Yes, you read it right, getting diamonds for free is possible in the free fire. Here’s our guide on how to get free fire diamonds for free. Visit and grab your Hayato character for free.

Not only Hayato, but you can also get the advanced awakened Hayato (Elite Hayato) for free. Here’s how to do it.

How to Get Elite Hayato Awaken Character?

Aside from regular characters, there are also lite characters. Kelly and Hayato are the only Elite characters in Free Fire for now. To unlock a character’s, Awaken or Elite mode, you must complete their Awaken quests and gather the Memory Fragments.

How to Get Elite Hayato Character in Free Fire for Free
How to Get Elite Hayato Character in Free Fire for Free

To get the Elite Hayato you need to complete four missions in Free Fire. The missions are as follows:

  • Mission 1: Use weapons to inflict 16,000 damage on other players.
  • Mission 2: Kill three opponents with a Katana.
  • Mission 3: When your health drops below 100, kill 10 players.
  • Mission 4: Get Booyah! Ten times.

Most of these objectives are simple to complete because they do not need you to accomplish them in a single match.

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Get Free Fire Hayato Character Free – Related FAQ:

Here are some frequently asked questions about Hayato. Elite Hayato, and how to get Hayato character in Free Fire for free queries. we hope these are helpful to you as well.

Is Hayato Character Free to Get in Free Fire?

The straightforward answer is NO! It will cost you 8000 gold or 499 diamonds. However, you can try our trick of getting free diamonds to get Hayato for free, as mentioned above.

How Many Diamonds are Needed to Purchase Hayato in Free Fire?

You will require 499 diamonds or 8000 gold to purchase the Hayato character in Free Fire.

What are Hayato’s Character Abilities and Skills in Free Fire?

Hayato’s ability is known as Bushido. It enhances the shield’s penetration by 7.5%, with a maximum HP reduction of 10%. There are eight character levels, and ability grows with each level. At the highest level, each 10% loss in maximum HP translates to a 10% improvement in armor penetration.

How Many Sets are Available for Hayato in Free Fire?

Hayato, like other characters in the game, has two sets of characters: the Blazing Wolf and the Fist of Flame.

Is Hayato a Good Character in Free Fire?

Hayato can minimize frontal damage. It is a fantastic ability that suits both offensive and conservative playing styles and provides a great deal of variety in gaming. Thus, Hayato is a great asset in Free Fire.

Who is Hayato in Real Life?

Hayato, unlike Alok, Luqueta, Jota, and others, was not based on a specific real-life person. Hayato’s character design was a mash-up of elements or “Tropes” from traditional “Japanese Samurai” stories and their modern adaptations. Hayato is a fallen samurai who is dealing with his family’s demonic strength.

Final Words

That ends our post! Hayato can be more helpful when you are playing an aggressive game. Hope you will be able to get Hayato’s character in Free Fire for free. Our site has more such content related to gaming and many more.

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