2 Easy Methods To Format Windows 10 Quickly.

Do you want to Format Windows 10 in your device?. Are you facing a problem on how to format windows 10 from your device?

Then check out the full article with an in-depth guide on it.

If you are Formatting Windows 10 first time then, it is better to take a Backup first.

You can easily backup your files, without installing any third-party application on your device.

Windows 10 has an amazing feature to back up its content by two ways like by creating file history or by creating a system image recovery file.

Windows 10 has a feature to back up all its content that is available on the hard drive which includes files, document, windows files, and drivers, etc on a system image.

A system image can be used later to recover all the files, documents, windows settings, drivers that were installed previously and windows files.

To make a backup, you will need an external storage device like pen drive or DVDs in which you can back up your content in it.

To make a full backup of your files, follow these steps mentioned below.

If you do not understand any method, just comment below and I will provide the solution as fast as I can.

I am going to show you both methods through which you can back up your content.

So, choose the method according to you which is comfortable.

Note:- Both the methods require time to create a backup on your external device.

Backup takes time, so keep patience during that time.

Let’s Begin:-

Create Backup through File History:-  

1. First, Open “Settings”.

Settings Menu
Settings Menu

2. Go-to “Updates and Security” next to Privacy option.

Updates & Security
Updates & Security

3. Click on the “Backup” section located below Windows Defender in Navigation menu.

Backup Option
Backup Option

4. Press  “Add a drive”

Add a drive to take backup for Format Windows 10
Add a drive

5. Select your external device like Pendrive or DVD.

6. Then click on the “Create Backup” option.

7. Windows will automatically start to create the backup of your content into the external device.

Once, your backup is finished it’s time for formatting your windows 10.

There are two ways to format your windows 10. One with inbuilt feature and other with the bootable device.

You can choose any one method which I mentioned.

I prefer to choose the first method because you don’t need to install any third party application for it.

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How to Format Windows 10?

Method 1 (without any third-party applications):-

Windows 10 allows users to reset or format the OS through the inbuilt feature.

You can reset your PC, revert back to earlier OS, and advanced startup for bootable use which is our second method.

To format your PC by the first method, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to settings under the start menu section of the taskbar.

2. Click on Update and Security.

3. Click on Recovery.

4. Click Get Started in the Reset PC section.

5. Click “Remove Everything”.

6. Select “Remove files and clean the drive”.

7. Click “Next” if the warning section appears.

8. Click the “Reset” button.

9. Click on Continue during prompted.

Once, your reset is done, your PC will be in the condition of newly installed OS. So, you can easily format your Windows10 PC.

Here, is the second method to format your Windows 10 PC if the above method is difficult for you.

Method 2 (Bootable Devices):-

For the second method, you will need an original bootable disc or USB device.

You can easily format your Windows 10 PC through the bootable disc or device.  If you have original windows 10 disc, then it will be very easy to format it.   

In case if you do not have the original disc, then you can download Windows 10 ISO Image through the Microsoft official website.

You will need a device like a disc or a pen drive which you can make bootable.

If you don’t know how to create windows 10 installation media bootable then read below section.

How to create windows 10 installation media?

Before beginning, you will need a software called ‘Rufus’.

It helps to make our device bootable.   

Once your download is complete, install it and now follow the steps below which I had mentioned:-  

Let’s Begin.

  1. Check your system architecture whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System.
  2. Download Windows 10 ISO Image according to your architecture.
  3. Download Software called ‘Rufus’ and install it. You can download it from here.
  4. Open Rufus and Select your Removable device.
  5. Select your windows 10 iso image by clicking at the PC logo
  6. Choose the Format system.
  7. Click on Format or Start to create an installation media for Windows 10.

Yup, you are done.

You had successfully created an installation media for Windows 10.   It’s now time to format windows 10 through the bootable device.

Format Windows 10 through Bootable device:

  1. Insert your bootable device in your PC.
  2. Restart your PC and press F2 to select your bootable media.
  3. Select your Removable device.
  4. Windows will start loading files and automatically start its installation.
  5. Select your preferable languages according to your convenient knowledge.
  6. Click on ‘Install Now’.
  7. Select ‘accept terms and conditions’.
  8. Click on ‘Custom: Install Windows Only’.
  9. Select your drive to format and install the new windows OS in your PC.
  10. Then click on ‘next’ and windows will automatically start installing its files.

All done. You had easily format your Windows 10 PC and installed a new windows 10 OS in your PC.   

If you are facing problem during format then you can easily comment and I will reply with the solution as fast as I can.  

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