Download Watch Dogs 2 for Free With Additional 3 More Games

Want to download Watch Dogs 2 for free? Yes, you read it right. Now you can download Watch Dogs 2 for free (standard edition worth $42) from Epic Games.

Epic Games had recently made GTA 5 free to buy for all and now they have come up with Watch Dogs 2 and additionally 3 more free games offer for a limited time.

You can buy the original standard edition Watch Dogs 2 from Epic games free of cost. Due to lockdown period, Epic Games is releasing free games offers on monthly basis.

Although the Watch Dogs 2 offer is for a limited time until 24 September 2020, but it’s a one-time purchase meant. You can just buy the Watch Dogs 2 game and it will remain in your account for a lifetime.

With Watch Dogs 2, you can get an additional 3 games i.e Football Manager 2020, Stick it To The Man, and Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

Download Watch Dogs 2 for Free
Get Watch Dogs 2 with Additional 3 More Games

Do not miss these giveaways and offers released monthly by Epic Games. In case if you do not know how to buy and download games from Epic Games then read the below section.

How to Buy Watch Dogs 2 for Free from Epic Games?

Go to the Epic Games website and create an account in it by signing up. You can create an Epic Games account using any one of the following sign up method i.e From Google, Facebook, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Steam, etc.

After creating a new account, go to the “Free Games” section. You will find Watch Dogs 2 poster featured in it. In case you did not find it then just search Watch Dogs 2 In the search box.

Once you find Watch Dogs 2, click on it and you will be redirected to Watch Dogs 2 page. Just buy the game straight away by clicking on “Get it”.

A new frame will open containing order confirmation details. Just click on the “Place Order” button.

Click on "Get" Button to Buy Watch Dogs 2 free
Buy Watch Dogs 2 Free from Epic Games

When the purchase is successful, an email receipt will be sent by Epic games to your email address containing all the information about the invoice for Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 Payment Invoice
Email Receipt Containing Watch Dogs 2 Invoice

If you have got the mail, you have successfully bought Watch Dogs 2 for free.

If in case you did not get any mail then don’t worry it takes some time for mail to be generated and sent to your email account.

How to Download Watch Dogs 2 for Free from Epic Games?

Once you get the email containing the invoice, its time for you to download Watch Dogs 2 from the Epic Games for free.

You can click on the “Download Epic Games Launcher” button to download the official launcher provided by Epic Games.

In case you did not find it then head to Epic Games homepage and click on “Get Epic Games” button located at the top right corner of the page.

Download and Install Epic Games Launcher
Download Epic Games Launcher

Install the Epic Games application in your PC and just make sure that you have installed it in the drive having more storage space or in your SSD.

After installation, open your Epic games application and login in with the same email account which you have used for buying the Watch Dogs 2 game.

Once you log in successfully, go to the “Library” section in the left sidebar. You will find a list of all the games which you have bought from Epic Games (Watch Dogs 2 in our case).

Open Library Section and Start Downloading Watch Dogs 2 for Free
Go to Library section to get all Purchased Games

But before you try installing it in your PC, first make a Ubisoft account (i.e Watch Dogs 2 Official Developer) because Epic Games are partnering with them to provide you Watch Dogs game free.

Once you are done with it, go to the library section and click on “Watch Dogs 2” game. A prompt window will open where you will need to link your account.

After successful linking, you can now install the game by clicking on the game poster.

Accept the “Terms and Conditions” of Epic Games and select the installation path where you want to install the game.

Select Drive Containing More than 41 GB Free Space
Choose Installation Path for Watch Dogs 2

Just choose a drive containing enough disk space (i.e 41GB) for Watch Dogs 2 and click on “Install”. All done now Epic Games launcher will start installing Watch Dogs 2 in your PC.

You can pause and stop downloading anytime whenever you want from the Downloads section in the sidebar.

Even if you stop the download process in between, you can still download the remaining parts whenever you want in future.

Just make sure you do not delete Epic Games application from your PC. Once the Watch Dogs 2 gets downloaded, it will automatically get installed in your PC.

You can follow the same steps for installing other free games from Epic Games.

Enjoy your free Watch Dogs 2 game with additional games like Royal Coaster Tycoon 3, Football Manager 2020 and Stick it To The Man for free given by Epic Games.


Epic Games is doing a good job in the lockdown by providing free games for millions of people who love gaming.

Every week they are offering free games like GTA 5, Football Manager 2020, Watch Dogs 2, etc worth more than 40$ and many more to come in future.

If you face any issues while installing any games from Epic Games then you can mention the issue in the comment section. I will try to solve the issue as soon as possible if I can.

If you enjoy the article then do not forget to read other gaming guides. You will love all of them.

Share the article with your other gaming friends and do not miss the free games offers release by Epic Games weekly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions by people on web.

1. Is Watch Dogs 2 Free?

Yes, it is completely free. Epic Games is providing Watch Dogs 2 (worth $41) for free. It’s a limited time offer only valid till 24th September 2020. You can also buy additional games like Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Football Manager 2020, and Stick it To The Man for free. Epic Games is providing free games monthly.

2. How do I download Watch Dogs 2?

1. Just buy the Watch Dogs 2 standard edition for free from Epic Games.
2. Install Epic Games Launcher in your PC
3. Go to Library section and click on Watch Dogs 2 game
4. Link your Epic Games account with Ubisoft account
5. Accept the “Terms and Conditions” and click on “Install” button
6. All done. Now the launcher will start installing Watch Dogs 2 in your PC

3. Is Watch Dogs 2 optimized for PC?

Well, the straight answer is No. Watch Dogs 2 is not optimized for PC even though partnership from Nvidia. Although you can optimize Watch Dogs 2 a little bit making it playable on low-end PC.

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