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Want to download FAU-G game apk for Android or iOS? Then read the complete article which will help you to know about all the information regarding FAUG (Fearless and United Guards).

With PUBG mobile ban in India, many streamers and content creators are playing different games which gaining more downloads and good response from Indian gaming audience.

Download FAU-G App
FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards)

As soon as PUBG mobile get banned in India, Bollywood star actor Akshay Kumar had announced FAUG game which would be a possible best PUBG mobile alternative.

Writing about it on Twitter, Akshay Kumar wrote “Supporting PM @narendramodi’s AtmaNirbhar movement, proud to present an action game, Fearless And United-Guards FAU-G. Besides entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. 20% of the net revenue generated will be donated to @BharatKeVeer. Trust #FAUG”

The main noticing point of FAUG game is that 20% of the game revenue will be donated in BharatKeVeer trust which would help to make the life of sacrifice soldiers family better.

Not even that FAUG game developer company nCORE have announced that the graphics of the game will be better than any other action multiplayer game on the mobile platform.

Download FAU-G App

About FAU-G Game:

FAU-G is an online action multiplayer game developed by Indian company nCore. FAU-G stands for Fearless and United Guards. As the name itself tells that it is based on our Indian soldiers protecting our country.

Inspired by PM Modi AtmaNirbar (Self-Reliance) movement, nCore has announced the new FAU-G game is going to release soon in India somewhere in November 2020.

As 118 Chinese application got ban in India including PUBG mobile, FAU-G is considered as Indian PUBG mobile alternate coming soon.


FAUG game founder wrote on Twitter that “In response to PM Modi call of #AtmaNirbharApp, @nCore_games is proud to announce our action game Fearless And United: Guards FAU-G with mentorship from @akshaykumar. 20% of net revenues donated to @BharatKeVeer trust for India’s Bravehearts.

FAU-G (Fearless and United-Guards) Trailer:

Below is the official FAU-G trailer released by nCore Games. The graphics and mechanics looks great but still the gameplay video is yet to be released by nCore Games but hopefully, they will release it in mid November 2020.

FAU-G Official Trailer by nCore Games

Highlights of FAU-G Game:

  1. Develop by Indian company nCORE inspire by PM Modi AtmaNirbhar movement
  2. 20% of the monthly revenue will be donated to BharatKeVeer trust
  3. Announced by Bollywood star Akshay Kumar
  4. PUBG mobile alternate
App NameFAU-G
Launch DateNovember 2020
App Size1 GB-2 GB (Still not mentioned by Company)
Developed BynCore Games
CategoryAction, Multiplayer, Shooting
FounderVishal Gondal
Country OriginIndia

About nCore Games (FAU-G Developer Company):

nCore Games is India’s leading mobile games publisher company located in Banglore, India. nCore highly develop multiplayer games which contain excellent storylines connected with Indian culture.

FAU-G Developer nCore Games
nCORE Games (FAU-G Publisher Company)

Currently, the Core team consist of 8 members and soon they are expanding the company. Now, the company is hiring many game developers, experts, pro-gamers to develop FAU-G game even better.

Core Team of nCore Games Company and Still Hiring
nCore Core Team and Still Hiring

How to Download FAU-G Game App on Android and iOS?

Currently, the FAU-G game is not released by nCore Games but soon in late November 2020, it is going to be available on mobile platforms.

Developers are continuously updating the FAUG game to make it the best multiplayer game. FAU-G beta version is going to be released soon in November 2020.

I will update the post containing the download link soon when FAUG game will get released. Don’t worry, you can bookmark the page and after release, you will get the download button here.

Download FAU-G App Link:

FAU-G is soon going to be released in the end of November 2020 on both Android and iOS platforms. Once the game will release, I will update the below links as soon as possible over here.

For iOS users, you can download FAU-G game app from the below button in future when the game will get released in the market.

In case if you do not know about how to download and install FAUG app on Android then you can read the below section.

How to Download FAU-G App on Android Platform?

  1. Open your Google Play Store app in your device
  2. Search FAU-G in the search box
  3. Tap on FAU-G app developed by nCore Games
  4. Click on the “Install” button and wait for it to complete
  5. After completion, FAUG app will automatically get installed in your mobile device

In case you are using the iOS device then follow the below instructions to download FAUG app on iOS.

How to Download FAU-G App on iOS Platform?

  1. Open your App Store in your iOS device
  2. Search FAU-G in search box
  3. Tap on FAU-G game developed by nCore Games
  4. Click on Install button and wait for it to complete
  5. After download, FAUG app will automatically get installed in your device

Is FAU-G better than PUBG Mobile?

We may not be able to compare it till now until the game is officially released by nCore. But as the developer are trying to improve and optimize the game daily, it can be better than PUBG mobile.

As PUBG mobile got a ban, it might give some boost installations for FAU-G and if the gaming experience of FAU-G is good then definitely it will be better than PUBG mobile and other shooting multiplayer game.

When will FAU-G game release?

The FAU-G game is all set to release in late November 2020. Developers are continuously improving the Fauji game before the release to make it best action online multiplayer game. The FAU-G beta version will be available soon in mid-November.

Currently, the release date, trailer and poster of FAU-G game have revelled. FAU-G gameplay and features are yet to be released by nCore Games.

Is FAU-G game copied?

After the announcement of the FAU-G game by Akshay Kumar on Twitter, many memers and people started to make fun of FAU-G developers by saying that the poster used in FAU-G is copied from online Shutterstock image.

Below is a tweet by a random person stating that at least nCore should have developed an original image for FAU-G.

Addressing to the allegation, Vishal Gondal (co-Founder of nCore Company) wrote that they have officially bought the license of the Shutterstock image to use as a Poster for FAU-G game.

Now the company is taking action against those people who are making false allegations and defaming the FAUG game before its release.

Gondal addressing to those people said that “To protect our interests, nCore and our founders will be initiating all the necessary actions as may be legally advised against all such persons including any foreign nationals who may be percolating such baseless and fake news for the reasons best known to them.”

What is the size of FAU-G game?

As still now nCore as not mentioned such information but various content creators are claiming that the FAU-G game would be approximately around 1.5 to 2 GB size. But official confirmation is still awaited by nCore games.


As PUBG Mobile is ban in India, FAU-G has a chance to dominate in the online multiplayer gaming section giving tough competitions to Call of Duty mobile, Free Fire and Fortnite.

The plus point is FAU-G game is donating their 20% monthly revenue to BharatKeVeer trust which will help to make a better life for soldiers family who sacrified their lives for our country.

Do not worry, I will add download link soon when the FAU-G beta version will get release. Just follow us on Facebook. I will update over there when I will add the download link in the post.

If you think I have missed any point then you can comment below. I will add it soon. Also, comment on what you think about FAU-G game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Here are some answer to the most asked questions by people regarding FAU-G game app.

1) What is the Full Form of FAU-G Game?

FAU-G stands for Fearless and United-Guards and the abbreviation for it is FAU-G and some people use Fauji as an abbreviation.

2) When will FAU-G game release?

The FAU-G game is all set to release in Late November 2020 somewhere between 21st November to 31st November 2020.

3) Is FAU-G game copied?

No, nCore have officially bought the poster from Shutterstock which provide a platform where people can buy creative images developed by other people.

4) Can FAU-G become PUBG alternative?

Currently, we cannot answer this question. It can be PUBG mobile alternative. All depends on Graphics and Motions of the FAU-G game.

5) How do I Fix Lag in FAU-G game?

FAU-G game will already be optimized for low-end devices. But you can still fix lag using some methods like adjusting optimal graphics settings for FAU-G, enabling 4x MSAA, etc.

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