35+ Useful Counter Strike 1.6 Launch Options – Complete List

Looking for some best counter strike 1.6 launch options? CS 1.6 launch options commands can help you to get a better experience in the game. The article contains useful CS 1.6 launch options that can help you to play the game more easily.

Begun in 1999, the Counter-Strike is a multi-player game. The game starts when a group of terrorists tries to enter a territory while counter-terrorists prevent them. Counter-Strike consists of a range of settings that are to be personalized by each player. Counter-Strike 1.6 launch options are one such setting that can give your gameplay a boost.

Counter Strike 16 Launch Options Commands
Counter-Strike 16 Launch Options Commands

The scope of Counter-Strike 1.6 launch options encompass criteria like FPS, Config settings, Tickrate settings, etc. Every player is built unique and has his/her setup and skills. Hence, the launch options that are to be executed have to be personalized accordingly.

The Counter-Strike 1.6 launch options can make your game if set properly. They will give you an edge over the others. The right combination of settings can fetch you victory in the game. If you are confused about what launch settings would be the best for you, we are here to help you. In this article, we have listed Counter-Strike 1.6 launch options – 35+ useful commands in 2021.

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How to Set Counter-Strike 1.6 Launch Options?

Launch options commands are useful, however, let us first have a look at how to set them? If a player does not have the idea of how to enable them, everything would be unreasonable. Given below is a guide on how to set Counter-Strike 1.6 launch options. Follow the steps given below:

1) Go to Steam on your device. Locate ‘Library’. Once found, right-click on it. A menu appears on the screen. Select the Counter-Strike 1.6 option.

Open CS 16 Properties in Steam
Open CS 16 Properties in Steam

2) From the options given on the screen, select ‘Properties’. A menu appears. Locate and select ‘general’. In the General settings, you will find the ‘Set Launch Options. Select it.

3) A new tab opens ups. The tab has a pop-up with a search bar. In the search bar type ‘CS: GO Launch Options’. There appears on screen every setting that you wish to set. Once you’ve edited the settings. Press ‘Ok’. Relaunch CS: GO. Your settings have been launched.

Enter Commands in CS 16 Launch Options
Enter Commands in CS 16 Launch Options

If you still don’t understand how to use these launch commands in CS 1.6, you can watch the below video that contains steps about how to use these Counter-Strike 1.6 launch commands.

Video about How to Use Launch Options Commands in CS 1.6

Best CS 1.6 Launch Options Commands – Useful List

The uniqueness of a player makes him/her stand out. Every player is born different and uses different tactics. There can be multiple factors affecting the launch option settings. These vary from hardware type to internet speed.

However, if you are confused about what may work for you, we are here with the most commonly used. We have divided the Counter Strike 1.6 launch options into different categories for your convenience. The broad categories are:

  1. Commonly used best commands.
  2. Launch options to increase FPS.
  3. Launch options for resolution.
  4. Launch options for Autoexec.
  5. Launch options for 144hz.
  6. Miscellaneous.

1) Commonly Used Best Commands

We know that there is no such thing that fits every player. However, certain launch options are basic and effective:


This counter strike 1.6 launch option may not have visible effects but its negative effects are non. What this command does is free up your space. It completes the function by excluding joystick support from the device and hence RAM is freed up.


As soon as you launch CS: GO on your device you must have noticed a valve video clip. It may annoy a few players who must be looking for a way to get rid of it. The command removes the clip.

Tickrate 128

This command uses client 128 to set the rate of ticking of the offline bots.


This command is to be used as a launch option. The reason is simple. There is an FPS set by default for the game of counter strike go. When you set this command, all the default settings will be removed. 

2) Launch Options For Resolution 

The launch options for resolution are already defined by the game. Having said that if you want to try the following launch options you are welcome: Use – w[ desired width] – h [desired height]

For instance 1920 X 800 will be written as : – w[1920] – h[840].

3) Launch Options to Increase FPS

Some players may experience low FPS. This can be a disappointment. We recommend counter strike 1.6 Launch Options that will help you improve your FPS. Having said that, we cannot guarantee that these alone can work. You need to supplement them with graphic settings to ensure that the problem does not persist.

Disclaimer: These commands should not be used until you experience low FPS that hinders your gameplay. This is because these commands are extreme and will not let something work at all. For example, the flashlights. Now if the player is in a situation where he needs the flash, he can’t make use of the function. A higher FPS does not guarantee good gameplay.

+fps_max 0

This will remove all the default FPS settings of the game. You can now set them as per your wish.


Frees up space by detaching joystick support.


Your game can crash midway if the Counter strike is not given priority by the manager of your device. This counter strike 1.6 Launch option will set CS to be of the highest priority by the device. Now the game can use any support it needs from the system to work smoothly.


When you use CS: GO through the Windows UI, your game can have access to every resource it needs to function properly. This command will do it for you. It will launch Counter Strike on Windows mode as soon as you open it.

+mat_disable_fancy_blending 1

As suggested by the name, it disables any fancy blending that may harm the FPS. By disabling them it will maintain the FPS that you need.

+cl_forcepreload 1

It reduces FPS by pre-loading all the supporting files needed by the game. These files are the sounds, weapons, etc that the game usually loads when you open up the game. This has a con when it comes to the time consumed while loading the map. However, it increases FPS.

– limitvconst

The shaders of the VERTEX are bound to not increase beyond 256 by this counter strike 1.6 Launch option. It helps maintain the FPS.


There is a graphic setting called Vsync. This launch option has more negatives than positives. Hence to boost your FPS you should be disabling it. This launch option disables Vsync for you.

+r_dynamic 0

As suggested by the name it removes any dynamic lighting.


It emulates OpenGL. It gives increased FPS while playing Counter-Strike 1.6 game.


As the name suggests it will work for the prohibition of dust particles to scatter with blending.


This command works on luck. Disabling DirectX 9Ex, may or May not boost your FPS.

-mat_queue_mode 2

It queues the matter of the system. It makes them move in a more organized way to increase FPS.

4) CS 1.6 Launch Options for 144 Hz

The only benefit for 144 Hz monitor players is that they can play the game on 144 Hz to experience a lot better FPS in the game.

-refresh 144

Launch option works for systems of 144hz. This sets the rate of refreshment per second to be 144. It may or may not be useful. Also, keep in mind that you need to set the graphic settings so that they enable this launch command to work.

5) Launch Options For Autoexec

As soon as you launch counter-strike, Autoexec is implemented. Autoexec is nothing but a book of commands. The counter strike 1.6 Launch Options that work for Autoexec are:

+exec autoexec.cfg

This launches Autoexec after naming it again.


This is another launch option that can be used if the above doesn’t work.

Other Well Known Launch Options (Miscellaneous)

The other best counter strike 1.6 Launch Options are:


If you want to play a game without any disturbances it is advised to load files beforehand. This launch option will load not only the console but also the related files to give you a smooth gaming experience.


You need to set some CPU core numbers that are accessible to the game. This launch option lets you set up the number. In the place of the ‘digit’, enter the number suitable to you. The recommended number is 40.


You can use this launch option to launch in a window through this command. You can later set the dimensions of the window as per your convenience as well.


When you run your Counter-Strike in a window, you get the scope of customization. If you do not wish to have borders on your window, use this option to eliminate them.

-language[preferred language]

Some players may prefer the game to be in a language they are more comfortable with. It can be useful in such situations.


You can use this launch option to alter the brightness of the game. Though it is advisable to use the display settings of the device, you can change the settings of the game separately.


The game will be set to work on maximum FPS through this command. Having said that, a high FPS may not help you much in the game. You only need to make sure that FPS does not fall below a certain level.

-r_drawtracers_firstperson 0 

This command will disable every tracer that your weapon may use. The weapons will no longer flash while firing.


All the graphic options that you set will be saved for later use with this launch option. It saves your time and energy by saving the settings.


If you wish to alter the size of your HUD as a whole, you can use this launch option. It is designed to set the scale as per the convenience of the player.


As suggested by the name, it gives you options to choose from for your HUD.


The location and alignment of the bomb indicator can be altered by this option. The player may set the indicator individually.


This launch option changes the perspective of the game to that of a third person. The TPP is the most popular perspective of gaming. The majority of the players prefer a third-person perspective over a first-person perspective as it gives a large range of sight.


An option that empowers you to choose if you wish to hear the voices of your teammates or not. After applying this launch option you will no longer be hearing the voices of your teammates.

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Counter Strike 1.6 Launch Options Command – Related FAQ:

Here are some most asked question’s answers regarding the CS 1.6 launch options that players continuously search for on the Internet.

What are Launch Options in CS 1.6?

These are the settings through which you can set boundaries like FPS, resolution, configuration, graphics, etc. These will help the player boost his performance and optimize the system to support the player.

What is The Role of CS 1.6 Launch Commands Settings? 

It makes the system optimized to produce maximum results for the player. It completes the action by altering and optimizing the in-game settings.

How to Use Launch Options? 

The steps to set the launch options are already given above in the article. However taking it in short, first, open the CS 1.6 properties from Steam. Click on the Set Launch Options button and then enter the commands. After that just click on the OK button and restart the game. That’s it, you have successfully used launch options in CS 1.6

How to Make CS 1.6 Run Better?

The launch options work best for a player who wishes to improve the game. If you want your game to run smoothly, set up the launch options.

Final Thoughts

With close and detailed research we found that these were the Counter-Strike 1.6 Launch Options that are useful and effective. Professional players across the world use the given launch options to improve their gameplay and set automatic configuration settings.

If you find these launch commands useful then do share the article with your other CS 1.6 friends and help them to access useful features in the game through launch commands.

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