The Birth and Rise of Livestream Video Games – 2024

A decade ago, people would mock gamers streaming their video game sessions online. Many old-school people thought that these youngsters were only wasting time and money playing games all day.

But who could’ve expected that just in a few years, Livestream video games would become a multibillion-dollar industry with the most successful streamers making millions of dollars every year?

Today, celebrities and athletes can frequently be seen streaming their game sessions, and all the big brands are investing in the industry due to the immense potential it has. So, if you like video games, you can also consider making a career with live streaming. To understand better, let’s take a look at the entire scenario in detail.

What Is Video Game Live Streaming?

As the name suggests, the process involves the live streaming of video game sessions. A streamer, through his channel, would live-stream his gaming sessions on an open platform, and the viewers can visit the platform and watch the videos.

People like to watch video games for various reasons. Many people like live entertainment and enjoy watching new and exciting games being played by their favorite streamers. People also watch video game sessions to get honest reviews about a game they’d like to purchase.

The Birth and Rise of Livestream Video Games
The Birth and Rise of Livestream Video Games

Some people who already play the game watch the live stream to get a walkthrough of different stages in the game. In short, there is a wide range of and a vast number of viewers who love to watch live-stream video games.

How Livestreaming Video Games Started?

Live streaming was slowly coming to life in the late 2000s, with some people streaming live various kinds of videos and gaming sessions live streaming was just one of the many types. However, gaming got great recognition with the arrival of Twitch in 2011.

The industry quickly gained popularity, as game developers and brands saw great potential considering the amount of viewers video game streams were getting. Very soon, big companies like YouTube and Facebook also started their gaming platforms, boosting the viewership even further.

How Does The Business Work with Gaming?

Twitch reports show that they have an average of over 2 million viewers online at any given point in time. Such immense is the volume of viewership that business potential is easy to guess. The process starts with popular streamers streaming their gaming sessions and attracting viewers.

With their rising popularity, businesses offer sponsorships and other opportunities in return for promotion. The platforms also offer subscriptions to the streamers giving them a stable regular income for streaming.

Due to the immense viewership in live stream video games, businesses find it a perfect opportunity to promote their products. Several businesses that are not related to gaming are also involved with the gaming industry in different ways. They develop innovative promotion methods to promote their products through gaming channels.

Who Can Livestream Video Games?

Almost anyone who likes to play video games can start streaming video game sessions online with a little bit of knowledge. To start streaming, you’ll need basic equipment such as a webcam, a microphone, and a PC to manage your streaming.

If you wish to stream mobile games, you need to have a good smartphone that supports the games you’d like to play. That game screen can be captured and broadcasted through any screen recording app. Other gaming types of equipment like Playstation, Xbox 360, and Nintendo are also quite popular in the game streaming industry. You’ll need a capture card to capture your PlayStation screen for broadcasting.

Once you have all the required equipment, you just need to log on to one of the broadcasting platforms and start streaming your content.

However, if you wish to become a professional streamer, you need to focus not just on the game but also on the viewership. For monetization and further development, you need to have a huge number of viewers on your live streams.

Start by improving your presenting abilities so that you can interestingly present your videos. Once you feel you are good at it, interact more with your viewers and engage in active communication with them. Consistency and effort are the only secrets here. The more you stream, the more you engage, and the more presentable you are, the higher will be the number of viewers on your channel.

Future of Livestreaming Video Games
Future of Livestreaming Video Games

Once you have a substantial number of viewers, you can look for sponsors, donations, merchandise sales, and other monetization methods to monetize your videos. If your videos are really good, you will not have to look for sponsors; the sponsors will approach you. So, focusing mainly on good content creation and monetization will open its gates automatically.

If you have decided to live-stream video games online, here are some things required for online live-streaming video games:-

Tips for Livestreaming Video Games Online

Are There Any Risks in Streaming Games?

Well, there are no major risks involved with live streaming. However, live streams cannot be edited later, so you need to be careful about what you say and what content you show.

You must be careful about sharing your personal information and any other sensitive data on your live stream because the details will leak to millions of people in a second. You can also face copyright infringement if you play copyrighted content like music or video without owning the broadcasting rights.

The platform you choose will have a set of regulations that you must follow; you must never miss reading all the details of their copyright and privacy policy before you start streaming. So, if you use the platform responsibly, there are no major risks involved.

Rise of Livestream Video Games – Related FAQ:

Here are some of the questions that come to people’s minds when they think about Livestream Video Games. Hope it will clear your doubts and queries.

What Are Some Best Games to Stream Online?

There are lots of games that attract a large audience of viewers online on any platform like Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Some of the top games to stream online are PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite, Leagues of Legends, Grand Theft Auto 5, World of Warcraft, etc. You can check our best games to stream online guide for an additional games list.

Is Gaming a Good Career Choice?

Yes, gaming is now considered a good career choice with its booming growth. Many people had already chosen Gaming as their career choice and earned huge money through streaming, sponsorships, merchandise, etc.

What Things Are Required for Livestreaming Video Games?

The first and the most basic need is a Gaming Device such as a PC, Console, etc of high-end specs. You cannot play high-end games on a 5-10-year-old PC as it will lag making a bad gaming experience. Also, you will require a capture card and an Internet Connection with at least 15-20 Mbps upload speed for decent streaming on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Livestream video games have become one of the most popular online content modes in just a matter of a few years. Several researchers claim that this massive rise is probably going to continue in the years to come. So, if you want to start a career as a game streamer, now is the best time for you.

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