11 Best Call of Duty Mobile Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes

Do you know that there are 11 best possible Call of Duty mobile hacks, scripts, and cheat codes that a hacker might use to cheat in the game? In this article, we had explained the functionality of all the CoD mobile cheat codes, hacks, and scripts along with their consequences and why you should never try to hack CoD mobile.

Unlike other battleground multiplayer games, the players in Call of Duty mobile sometimes face hackers in the game. There are lots of awesome hacks, cheat codes, and scripts that are used by hackers in CoD mobile to cheat in the game. 

But before you start reading further note that our site ShoutMeBack does not promote hacking or any other illegal piece of stuff. There are no hacks or mod apks links mentioned in the article. It is just a guide about all Call of Duty mobile hacks and cheat codes that are possible in the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Hacks and Cheat Codes
Call of Duty Mobile Hacks, Cheat Codes, and Scripts

Call of Duty Mobile Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes List

There are more than 28+ hacks scripts that a hacker might use to cheat in CoD mobile but we decided to mention only the best hacks out of them. Below are some of the best CoD mobile hacks and scripts that every hacker uses regularly to cheat in the game:-

  1. Speed Hack
  2. Aimbot
  3. Wall Hack
  4. ESP
  5. High Jump
  6. Magic Bullet (Auto Headshot)
  7. No Recoil
  8. Flying Vehicles
  9. Long Throwables Hack
  10. Fast Scope
  11. Fast Reload

Furthermore, information about each Call of Duty mobile hack and its functionality is explained below: –

1) Speed Hack

Using the Speed hack, the movement of the players who are hacking gets doubled or sometimes triples the normal speed movements. It becomes too hard to knock players that are using speed hack and eventually they will knock you out easily.

All you can do is to report such players because speed hack is easily detectable, and if a player is using speed hack, then there are chances that the anti-cheat detection system will detect it and will automatically ban those players forever from the game.

2) Aimbot

Using the aimbot hack, the bullets fired by the hacker will automatically get hit to the opponent player even if the player is not in the hacker’s crosshair range. Once the other players are in hackers’ view, the aimbot script will automatically lock other players as their target victims and will fire at them. It becomes too hard to defeat a hacking player who is using an aimbot hack in CoD mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile Aimbot Hack
Call of Duty Mobile Aimbot Hack

3) Wall Hack

Using the wallhack script in CoD mobile, a hacker can easily kill other players even if the players are sneaking behind walls, trees, etc. In this hack, the bullets fired by the player (hackers) will pass through objects and will hit the opponent players even if they are hiding behind any objects.

Using the wallhack with aimbot makes a deadly combinational hack that is used by many hackers to knock out all the players in the match easily. However, it is quite easy to notice whether a player is using wallhack or not, and in case you got knocked out even if you were hiding behind an obstacle then just report the enemy’s players as they are using wallhack.

4) ESP (Radar Hack)

Using the CoD mobile ESP hack script, hackers can easily get enemies’ locations near them. There are two types of ESP hacks that are possible in CoD mobile.

One is the Location hack where the hackers can know about players’ locations, names, carrying weapons, health details, etc whereas the second is the Radar hack in which hackers can know the locations of all accessories like weapons, vehicles, etc.

Call of Duty Mobile ESP and Radar Hack
Call of Duty Mobile ESP and Radar Hack

5) High Jump

As the name suggests, using the high jump hack, hackers can jump a lot higher distance as compared to the normal jump movement of characters in Call of Duty mobile. They can jump over building’s top roofs easily, but most of the time, hackers don’t use this hack because other players can easily spot them using the high jump hack and can directly report them leading to a ban for their account permanently.

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6) Magic Bullet (Auto Headshot)

Auto Headshot (Magic Bullet) is one of the favorite hacks for hackers to use in CoD mobile. You already know that the headshot deals extreme damage to opponents and using this hack, it is just a matter of 2 bullets to knock any player over the long-range too.

If you notice a hacker using the magic bullet hack then you can confirm whether the opponent player is hacking or not. Just note down their game id and then visit their profile. If you see that the headshot percentage is more than 25% then straight away report the player because it is unnatural to gain such a high headshot percentage rate without using hacks.

7) No Recoil

Ever noticed a player who is firing bullets at you without even missing any single shot? We all know that recoil in Call of Duty mobile is very hard to master for every weapon especially Machine guns, etc.

But hackers use a no recoil hack in which the cross-hair during firing bullets remains still and using it, they easily knock out any enemies from a long distance. It is very easy to notice whether a player is using a No Recoil hack but spectating him/her.

8) Flying Vehicles

Flying vehicles hack is a hack that a hacker might use for just entertainment purposes. In this hack, hackers inject a script that helps them to fly their vehicles in CoD mobile. As the hack will be visible to other players too, therefore hacker uses the flying vehicles hack sometimes only.

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9) Long Throwables Hack

In the long throwable hack, hackers get the ability to throw grenades, Molotov, and any other throwable stuff to a long distance. A normal player like me and you will need a perfect angle for the long-distance throw but hackers using this hack, can throw throwables at you from any angle and no matter where you are the throwables will get explode near you. It is less frequently used by hackers.

10) Fast Scope

The Fast Scope hack helps the hackers to scope with the weapons quickly. We all know that every weapon requires some time to scope in especially Sniper rifles but by using this Fast Scope hack, hackers can quickly scope in and with the combination with aimbot hack, this hack becomes a deadly combination to use for a hacker to eliminate all other players in the match.

Call of Duty Mobile Fast Scope Hack
Call of Duty Mobile Fast Scope Hack

You cannot spot the Fast Scope hack easily because fast scoping is possible to perform by practicing it in Practice or TDM matches. But as you know hackers do not have such a mindset to master the skills genuinely, instead they choose the Fast Scope hack rather than mastering the Fast Scope skill.

11) Fast Reload (No Reload)

With the Fast Reload hack, a hacker can easily reload their weapons within a second or sometimes they use a higher version of this hack which is the No Reload hack where there is no need to reload the weapons. Just fire your shots at enemies, without even reloading the weapon.

It’s very easy to spot such a hack as you know that all weapons require reloading and if you see a player continuously firing at you without even a single-second pause, then definitely that player is using Fast Reload or we can say No Reload hack.

Below is a video about these CoD Mobile hacks and cheat codes that are possible in the game. See how the hacker is using these hacks so comfortably without even fearing the Anti-Cheat detection system.

Video about Possible CoD Mobile Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes

Are Websites Providing Call of Duty Mobile COD Points Hacks Safe?

You might have seen lots of websites that claim to give you COD points in your account for free. I just want to say all these COD points providing websites are completely fake.

It’s not possible to hack COD points because the points are generated and stored at the server end. These fake websites just contain a script that looks like it is hacking the COD points and is transferring it to your account but these are completely fake. 

There is a verification method that you need to complete to transfer the COD points to your account but even if you complete all the verification methods, nothing will happen because these are just fake scripts and you are just helping them to earn money by completing verification methods.

The image that the websites shares for claiming 99,99,999 COD points hacks is completely fake and edited to gain attraction to their sites. Here is an image:-

CoD Mobile Points Hack Claiming Websites are Fake
CoD Mobile Points Hack Claiming Websites are Fake

You should not even try to use these COD points generators because your account might get hacked and you will lose your account forever.

Call of Duty Mobile Hack Consequences – Why You Should Not Try it

The anti-cheat detection system of CoD mobile has been improvised a lot as compared to the initial time system when CoD mobile was just released. Now if you get caught while hacking in Call of Duty mobile then your account will get banned forever.

Activision company is very strict against hacking policies and may terminate you forever if you got caught hacking by the anti-cheat detection system. All your achievements, weapons, experience level, etc will get locked and you will never be able to access it again.

Although many hackers use an anti-cheat protection hack, it becomes useless as there is no guarantee of protection and you should never try to use hacks in CoD mobile.

CoD Mobile Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes – Related FAQ:

Here are some frequently asked questions by players regarding Call of Duty mobile hacks and cheat codes.

Is It Possible to Hack Call of Duty Mobile?

Yes, it is too easy to hack Call of Duty mobile. There are lots of websites that provide the CoD mobile hack mods but you should not try to hack the game because you might get a permanent ban if you got caught while hacking the game.

Can We Hack Call of Duty Mobile in Gameloop Emulator?

You can easily hack Call of Duty mobile in the Gameloop emulator. But chances of getting banned are very high since the Gameloop emulator also has its cheating detection system enrolled in the new update. So, you should not try to hack not only CoD mobile but any other games too in the Gameloop emulator as the chances of getting banned are very high now.

Is It Possible to Hack Unlimited CoD Points in Call of Duty Mobile?

Frankly, there is no such hack that can help to get unlimited COD points in Call of Duty mobile. Since CoD points are only generated at the server end, it’s not possible to hack unlimited CoD points in Call of Duty mobile. All the websites that are claiming Call of Duty points hack are fake and you should not try them.

Are CoD Mobile Hacks Safe?

No, it’s not safe to use CoD mobile hacks. There are lots of chances that the hacks that you are using might hack some important information such as passwords, etc in the background. Also since the cheating system of CoD mobile is improvised a lot, it can easily detect whether you are using hacks or not, and in case if you got detected by it, then your account will get banned and you will be terminated to play the game with that account forever.

How to Report Hackers in CoD Mobile?

To report a hacker in CoD mobile, you will have to wait for the complete match and just tap on the exclamation icon present at the top right corner in the kill section screen. Now just click on the Report button and then select the hackers and then press the Report button. By doing it, you will help the CoD community to get rid of hacker players.

Final Thoughts

There are even lots of more CoD mobile hacks scripts and cheat codes that we have not covered in the article like an invisible hack, teleport hack, etc as we don’t have complete evidence for the existence of these hacks. However, many players have encountered hackers that used these hacks in the game. So we decided to mention it in the last area.

But if you are planning to hack in CoD mobile, please don’t think of it. What could be the circumstance if all the players just like you will try to hack the game. It will just ruin the experience for other CoD mobile players. Also, never forget to report such hackers in the game.

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