AjjuBhai94 Free Fire ID – Who is Ajju Bhai, Name, Real Face, Earning

The gaming industry has seen the emergence of many stars and content creators. The esports industry bloomed through the online streaming of gaming content. One such gamer and streamer is AjjuBhai94 of Free Fire.

AjjuBhai94 is a free-fire gamer and streams his content by the name Total Gaming. It is impossible that you are into gaming and haven’t heard of Total Gaming. The famous YouTube channel has a subscription of over 25 million. Why is AjjuBhai94 so renowned? Who is he? Let us have a look.

AjjuBhai94 Total Gaming Free Fire Wiki Details
AjjuBhai94 Total Gaming Free Fire Wiki Details

Who is Ajju Bhai in Free Fire?

Having talked of his first introduction, let us have a look at who is AjjuBhai94? Ajju Bhai is a famous gamer and content creator in India. His real name is Ajay. Born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, he dropped college. However, he has made a career in hacking and has a great reputation in the software field. 

Today AjjuBhai94 is one of the greatest gaming YouTube streamers. In the past few weeks, he has gained over 900k subscriptions on his channel. The growth is continuous and consistent.

AjjuBhai94 Free Fire ID Complete UID Details
AjjuBhai94 Free Fire ID Complete UID Details

The content that AjjuBhai94 streams is famous because of some reasons. You can learn a lot from this experienced player. Newbie players are advised to keep an eye on this player to learn the tactics of Free Fire. 

AjjuBhai94 is one true inspiration, and the numbers on his YouTube show this. In the past month, he had over 260 million views on his channel. Sounds great, right? There must be some talent to deliver this large a following. You can learn a lot from this amazing player. Do have a look at his YouTube channel by the name Total Gaming.

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Ajju Bhai Free Fire Wiki/Bio – Complete Details

Below are complete details of Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming containing all the necessary information like Age, Net worth, face reveal, phone number, etc: –

Free Fire Name AjjuBhai94 
Streams OnYouTube 
Guild TG-Mafia
Nationality Indian
Home Town Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 
Education Diploma (dropout) 
Age23(as of 2021)
Languages Gujarati, Hindi, English. 
Religion Hindu
Marital Status Unmarried 
Girlfriend Not known
Net Worth Approx $2 million 
Major Source Of Income YouTube 
University Not known 
Family Not known 
Yearly Income One crore approx 
Sports Cricket 
Ajjubhai94 UID451012596
Ajjubhai Free Fire Complete Details

Ajju Bhai Favorite Items Lists

Here are some favorite items of Ajju Bhai regarding areas like Game, Player, Actress, Food, App, Color, etc: –

Cuisine Gujarati
SingerGuru Randhawa 
Actor Akshay Kumar 
ActressAlia Bhatt
GameFree Fire
Sportsman Virat Kohli
ShowThe Kapil Sharma Show 
Pubg Player Dynamo
Song Not known
MovieNot known 
Female Singer Not known 
Footballer Ronaldo 
Color Black 
Ajjubhai Favorite Items

AjjuBhai94 Net Worth Details – 2021

The net worth of Ajjubhai94 comes from multiple sources. Apart from YouTube, the head of income is from brand promotions, Super chats, funding, special presence, etc. 

The youtube channel is, however, his pinnacle of income. A major chunk of his income is through YouTube. 

The net worth of AjjuBhai94 is said to be around $ 2 million. Converting it to Indian currency, it will be approximately 15 crore rupees in a year. Of the total, around one-fourth part comes from the Total Gaming channel. Let us have a look at his profile of incomes:

Net Worth $2 Million 
YouTube (per video) Three lakhs 
Net Worth (Indian currency) 15 crore 
Channel NameTotal Gaming 
Update till 2021
Ajju Bhai Net Worth

AjjuBhai94 Real Face and Identity

Ajju Bhai’s face reveal has been a famous question. Everyone in the gaming industry is curious about who is Ajju Bhai? Ajju Bhai face show? 

The impact of AjjuBhai94 on the Indian gaming industry is huge. In the world of streaming gaming content and gaming, AjjuBhai94 is a renowned name. When you create a huge impact, the question of Ajju Bhai Face reveals is quite obvious. Do the fans want to know how does their idol look like?

Unfortunately, AjjuBhai94 has not revealed his face as of now. He works in shadows. Ajju Bhai’s face reveal is a question that may persist for a little longer. We have to wait for Ajju Bhai’s face reveal. However, there is a rumor that the below image is Ajjubhai’s real face which he had uploaded on Instagram before starting the Total Gaming channel.

AjjuBhai94 Real Face Photo
AjjuBhai94 Real Face Photo

AjjuBhai94 Social Media Accounts and Contact Details – Latest

AjjuBhai94 is an active user of not only YouTube but also other platforms. If you wish to have a look at his social media, we have the details below:

His other contact details like phone number and email are not known. You have to connect with him through the media given above.

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About AjjuBhai94 Official YouTube Channel

As mentioned above AjjuBhai94 is a famous Indian YouTuber. His gaming content has taken his channel to be the topmost in the country. 

Total gaming is one of the highest revenue-creating channels in the country when it comes to gaming. With over 25 million subscribers, the channel has a great fan following in the country. The link to his channel is – Total Gaming. 

Total Gaming AjjuBhai YouTube Channel
Total Gaming AjjuBhai YouTube Channel

Apart from real gaming, the player has more channels, namely, AJJUBHAI, TG Highlights, and Total Gaming live. However, total gaming remains the largest with the most views and subscribers; in the world ranking of subscribers on YouTube, his channel ranks 138th.

Other Channels of AjjuBhai Free Fire Player
Other Channels of AjjuBhai Free Fire Player

Most Popular Video of Total Gaming Channel Till Now

Total gaming has around 600K viewers on average. In the past month, the views have been 2.2 million on the YouTube Channel of Total Gaming. The views have reached the zenith in the last quarter of 2020, where they were about 870K. 

With over 2.92 crore subscribers, the channel is one of the most loved channels in the country. The channel ranks 30th when it comes to the Indian Youtube industry. The views and subscriptions have been increasing since the bloom of Total Gaming. Of all the videos by Total Gaming, we have the most popular three below:

Ajjubhai94 Vs Amitbhai(Desi Gamer) Best Clash Battle Who will win
AjjuBhai Is The Next Factory King? Only One Factory Roof Challenge With Amitbhai
Pro Girl Call Me Noob Aaj 1 vs 2 Mein

Ajju Bhai Gaming Profile Ranking and K/D Stats in Free Fire

AjjuBhai94 is the username that Ajay uses on Free Fire. His user ID is- 451012596. Let us have a look at his gaming profile and stats. The figures of his gaming profile:

AjjuBhai 94 Free Fire Lifetime Stats:

a) Squad

Total Games Played11630
Winning Percentage24.28%
K/D Ratio4.97
Rate Of Headshot35.29%
Ajjubhai FF Squad Profile Stats

b) Duo –

Total Games1750
Win Rate19.05%
Foe Elimination6907
K/D Ratio4.88
Headshot rate34.27%
AjjuBhai94 Duo Lifetime Stats

c) Solo –

Total Games924
Winning Rate8.66%
Headshot Rate32.39%
Ajjubhai Solo Lifetime Stats
AjjuBhai94 Stats Total Gaming of Free Fire
AjjuBhai94 Stats Total Gaming of Free Fire

Ranking Status:

a) Squad –

Total Games132
Winning Ratio47.72%
Rate Of Headshots29.53%
K/D Ratio11.29
Ajjubhai94 Squad Ranking Stats

b) Duo –

Total Games53
Winning Rate33.96%
Headshot Rate35.29%
Ajjubhai94 Duo Ranking Stats

c) Solo –

Total Games12
Winning Percentage8.33%
Rate Of Headshots52.27%
K/D Ratio4
Ajjubhai94 Solo Ranking Stats

5+ Facts about Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming

I bet most of the Free Fire players want to know some amazing facts about Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming. Know the inspiring gamer better with the following facts:

  1. His real name is Ajay and he comes from a middle-class family. He is currently a resident of Gujarat.
  2. The name that got him famous was ajjubhai94 which is his free fire ID. The name is inspired by the character of Ajju Bhai in the famous movie “Welcome Back”.
  3. He prefers PC over Android or IOS for gaming. Ajju Bhai owns the team called Total Gaming.
  4. He has been working in a software company before gaming.
  5. Ajju Bhai is a real-life growth hacker. He left his Diploma and worked in a software company.

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AjjuBhai94 Free Fire UID Face Reveal – Related FAQ

Following are some questions that most of the players ask regarding Ajju Bhai on different topics like character, id, diamonds, phone number, comparison with raistar, etc.

What is AjjuBhai94 Free Fire ID?

AjjuBhai94 UID number is 451012596. The user name of this ID is Ajjubhai94. Apart from gaming, he also runs his own Youtube Channel called Total Gaming. He streams his gaming content on this channel. Apart from the channel, he has supplemented with three others. To know more about who is Ajju Bhai, visit his channel.

How AjjuBhai Gets Diamonds in Free Fire?

Diamonds are the in-game currency of Free Fire just like UC in PUBG mobile. You need to have diamonds to buy things in the game. AjjuBhai gets diamonds in Free Fire solely through his skilled gameplay.

How Much AjjuBhai Earns?

When it comes to earning, his major source of income is YouTube. His channels rank 30th in Indian Youtubing sensations and 138th when it comes to the world. His income is estimated to be around 12 million dollars. The figures however are just estimations. 

What is The Age of AjjuBhai aka Total Gaming?

This inspiring player is only 23 years old as of 2021. With such a successful career, it is hard to believe that the player can be this young.

What is AjjuBhai’s Phone Number?

Ajjubhai94 has not revealed his phone number to the public for obvious reasons. If you wish to connect with him, use his social media handles. He is present on all the social media including, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Where Does AjjuBhai Live?

Ajjubhai is a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He has been living in the same locality from childhood itself. Currently, too, he resides in the same place.

Which Emulators Does AjjuBhai Use to Play Free Fire?

Tencent Gaming Buddy or GameLoop is the emulator that Total Gaming uses. As known worldwide, the emulator is the best choice in the area. Ajjubhai too trusts the same emulator when it comes to gaming.

Who is Best AjjuBhai or Raistar in Free Fire?

You cannot compare the skills of two gamers or content creators. It is not fair to anyone. Every creator has his or her skills and accomplishments. However, when it comes to numbers, Ajjubhai has more winning rate and K/D than Raistar.

Is AjjuBhai a Hacker?

Before coming to the gaming industry, Ajjubhai had been working for a software company. He is said to love coding and computers. He had worked as a hacker. 

What is AjjuBhai’s Guild Name in FF?

The team/Guild owned by Ajjubhai is named – ‘Total Gaming.’ His YouTube channel is known by the same name. Total Gaming today is one of the most popular known teams in the gaming industry of India.

Final Thoughts

Be it content creation or gaming, the accomplishments of Ajjubhai94 are heartwarming. This young player is an inspiration for many. A lot of aspiring gamers look up to him as an idol. Hailing from a middle-class family, this player is now a millionaire solely because of his skills. 

Any appreciation would never be enough for the player. We hope all the questions related to who is Ajjubhai Or Ajjubhai’s face reveal are properly dealt with in the article. For further queries do write to us.

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